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Ideas and Tips for Your Elopement Around Vancouver BC

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All images by Pursell Photography. 

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Elopements are perfect for couples looking for an intimate, stress-free wedding. It’s a great way to get epic photos in epic locations you would not normally be able to get to. Here are some of our top ideas and tips for your elopement around Vancouver, BC. 

This article is all about elopement ideas and tips (with awesome photo examples taken by us) to help make your elopement personalized just for you!

Why Elope?

Forget about other people’s perfect days and plan one of your own. You don’t have to follow standard traditions, you can make it completely your own. An elopement can be a stress-free, fun and romantic way to say “I love you.” It’s an opportunity to create your own unique and personalized day. Don’t let someone else define your elopement; you are doing it on YOUR terms! Let’s face it, the way the world has been going with wedding restrictions, this is the safest and most fun way to have your wedding. See the ultimate guide for how to elope in British Columbia

057 - small wedding photos

Find the perfect elopement destination

There are many different options for elopement destinations around Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, Sea to Sky, Vancouver Island and the rest of British Columbia. Some people choose to elope in locations close to their homes, while others will travel across the world to find their perfect location.

You have a lot more flexibility with your location when eloping. No more being restricted to locations close to your ceremony and reception for those epic photo spots, because they can be anywhere! You can check the best photoshoot photo locations around Vancouver

002 - waterfall elopement

Treat Your Elopement Like a Vacation

Planning your elopement like a vacation will make it easier for you to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime moment. You can rent a rustic Air BNB elopement on Harrison Lake or a mountainside luxury cabin in Whistler. If you close your eyes, how would you envision your dream elopement vacation?

020 - epic adventure helicopter elopement

Turn Your Elopement Into a Full Day Experience

Another perk of eloping is that you don’t have to worry about deciding where to go and when to meet your guests. You can enjoy the festivities for the entire day. Perhaps you want to take a hike to your perfect spot and then spend the rest of the day getting photos and enjoying the fresh air. In the below photo, our couple went out on the town during the Day of the Dead for their small Mexico wedding.

mexico elopement

Make Your Elopement and Honeymoon Trip to the Same Destination

If you’re choosing a beautiful destination to elope, you can also make a location near your honeymoon spot. This way, you can enjoy your wedding ceremony and your honeymoon in the same location. It sounds like an awesome way to relax.

014 - unique places to elope

Have an Emotional First Look Before Your Elopement Ceremony

A first look is a wonderful opportunity to be intimate and connect with each other. We also get awesome photos during the first look! Check out why a first look makes for awesome photos

The most epic wedding first look ever!

Have a Rough Plan (But be flexible)

You don’t have to organize everything in advance. It is best to have a rough plan, by figuring out the venues and locations you might consider. Try to have a general timeline of how your elopement will be arranged. Be sure to plan ahead for the rest of the day, including where you will eat, relax, and sleep. Don’t worry about the weather because we will make anything look awesome. For example what to do if it rains on your elopement

Blissful Rain Wedding Day

Catch the Sunrise or Sunset for Your Elopement Ceremony

Sunset and sunrise are just the most magical times of day for photography. They are moments when the sky is a beautiful blend of colours and light, creating a perfect background for your elopement ceremony. We spend a lot of time looking at the sun and how different locations look with sunset or sunrise, so we can always make recommendations! check out this awesome elopement at sunset in Vancouver!

019 - vancouver elopement photographer

Add some of your favourite traditions

Just because you decide to elope doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy some of the wedding traditions. Discuss what you both want to include or omit from the ceremony, and decide together what traditions you would like to include or modify. You can even get creative with it. Your wedding day can be more memorable and romantic than ever!

wedding traditions

Celebrate With a First Dance

You can still have your first dance. You can just plan to do it somewhere more epic than a dance floor in a hall.

elopement first dance

Choose a special date

Eloping gives you a lot more flexibility on your date because you don’t need to coordinate as many vendors or guests. Many elopements are planned on weekdays. Perhaps you could choose the day of your first meeting or the day he proposed.

014 - waterfall elopement photos

Have a campfire on the beach

Pack up a cooler, bring some chairs and a few blankets and enjoy a romantic evening by the campfire. Your favourite song or a special toast will make the perfect end to your elopement.

016 - elopement with fire

Go Star Gazing for Your Elopement

Why not go star-gazing for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion? With a little planning, you can have a romantic, intimate and meaningful elopement at a remote location with an epic night sky. Northern lights elopement

020 - northern lights wedding photo

Pop champagne!

Popping champagne makes for some awesome photos, especially when you spray it… It tastes good too!

012 - champaign first kiss

Rent a cabin in a cool location for your elopement

You can rent a cabin at a lake or mountain. Enjoy a weekend away with your significant other. Check out rustic wedding venues around Vancouver

034 - fraser river lodge small wedding

Relax and unwind in a natural hot spring

At the end of your elopement, why not spend the day relaxing in a hot spring!

016 - hotspring engagement photos

Return to a place that’s always been special

If you’re getting married, there’s nothing better than going back to a special place. This could be where you proposed, where you shared your first kiss, or where you talked about it being forever for the very first time.

008 - garden small wedding

Trash Your Dress at the End of Your Elopement!

You’ve been wearing your wedding dress all day. You can finally trash it at the end of the elopement. You won’t be wearing it again so why not have some fun and get some amazing photos!

trash the dress vancouver

Exchange gifts

It doesn’t need to be expensive or fancy, but a thoughtful gift can make your wedding day even more special. It can be anything you made yourself, something you’ve had your eye on forever, or a handwritten love letter.

025 - fairytail themed elopement photos

Style your elopement however you want

If you decide to wear a leather jacket and hiking boots with a black wedding dress, then go for it! We have seen some absolutely amazing outfits throughout the past few years.

016 - elopement wedding harrison hot springs

Plan a post-elopement reception

You can host a reception for your guests after the elopement. A few days later, you can have a casual BBQ and a toast to your marriage.

024 outdoor backyard garden wedding

Don’t Forget Legal Aspects in Your Plan

If you are planning a quick elopement, you will need to purchase the marriage license before you can begin planning. The government requires you to secure a marriage license within three months prior to your elopement date. Wedding Officiants and commissioners do not provide this piece of paper, so you will have to purchase it in advance and bring it on the day of the elopement. Be sure to know the rules in your jurisdiction, and plan ahead accordingly.

009 - ring exchange mountain views

Include Your Closest Family and Friends

For the majority of elopements we’ve photographed, the bride and groom have invited at least one guest. It’s still an intimate experience and it’s appropriate to bring your other family members and close friends.

If guests are involved we recommend them being part of the ceremony and then you create enough time for photography afterward

006 - mountain beach elopement

Include Kids in Your Elopement

Weddings are a great opportunity to include your children in the celebration. If you want to include kids, make sure you ask them to participate.

A great way to remind your children about the commitments you make to each other is to include them in the vows you write for your wedding ceremony. Make sure they know that the commitments you make in your marriage apply to them as well.

025 - mountain top elopememt

Bring Your Fur Babies

Include your dog in your ceremony – they’re always by your side, why would you leave them home on a day that’s as special as this one?

Think about where you will have your wedding. If you want to bring your dog, you will need to find a place where they are allowed and will feel comfortable. It is recommended to bring along a “pet handler” to look after the dog when you are having your portraits taken.

050 - how to incoperate your dog at wedding

Do an Activity You Love

Remember, you can do whatever you want for your elopement! Maybe you can take a trip to a new place, or do something adventurous, like go skiing. The key is doing something that both of you will enjoy.

Here are some ideas for elopement activities: Drive down a dirt road, charter a boat, take a helicopter ride, go on a hike, snowboard or ski on the mountain, go snowshoeing. There’s also great fun to be had with ATVs. You can get out and enjoy the great outdoors and have fun! Check out our adventure portfolio for inspiration

009 - wedding with atvs

Take a truck down a dirt road

Off-road elopements are the ultimate way to get away from it all, see some of its most beautiful views, and get married! You can take a truck down a dirt road to an amazing viewpoint few people have seen.

009 - mountain top elopement

Charter a Small Boat

You can have your wedding photos on a remote island, surrounded by crystal clear waters and waterfalls.

Impressive Sunset Boat Wedding Photography

Helicopter to The Top of a Mountain

A helicopter elopement is the only way to get married if you’re craving adventure, privacy, and a one-of-a-kind wedding. The best part about a helicopter elopement is that you can get married anywhere in the world with stunning views. It’s intimate, personal, and perfect for couples who are looking for something unique! The full guide to helicopter elopements near Vancouver

025 vancouver helicopter elopement evening

Go Skiing or Snowboarding for Your Elopement

Have a skiing elopement. There are plenty of the best views from your adventure and it’s a fun thing to do! Will’s personal Instagram has lots of powder skiing videos. 

Ski proposal photography

Hiking elopements

Hiking Elopements are a great way to enjoy a day outside while also celebrating your marriage.

Heli-Elopement Package British Columbia

Rent a camper or pitch a tent

If you’re looking for a more intimate and in-the-wild feel for your wedding or elopement, then renting a camper van is the perfect way to get away from it all. Whether it’s a quick camping trip in the forest or a couple of days in the backcountry, these vehicles are perfect for any couple seeking to spend quality time together.

twinkle light string light wedding

Elope in a Provincial Park Canada

British Columbia is a beautiful province in Canada. It has a lot of beautiful natural backdrops for wedding photographers. Provincial parks are the perfect places to take your wedding photos because they have lush forests, lakes, and rivers which makes them perfect for scenic shots.

One of these things is provincial parks which offer a stunning natural backdrop for your wedding photos. Provincial parks are also great places for hiking and camping with their pristine wilderness areas, pristine lakes, and mountains that make them perfect for picturesque shots.

021 - island elopements british columbia

Do Whatever YOU Want

You decide what you want to do on your special day. You can do anything without thinking twice. There is no limit to what you can do on your wedding day. So let’s do this!

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