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Terminal City Club and Vancouver Art Gallery Wedding

All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

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A luxurious ballroom wedding with the best people.

Kelly and Jared are two of the most bubbly, happy, passionate, most addictive couples that you just want to hang out with constantly! Leading up to their wedding, we were going back and forth on what they wanted for their portraits on the wedding day. They are more into urban settings and wanted a location that really spoke to them and went along with their Terminal City Club wedding. Kelly approached us with a Vancouver Art Gallery wedding photo, and as soon as we saw it, we knew this location had them written all over it, so it was set, and Vancouver Art Gallery was booked. On the day of their wedding, Kelly got ready in New Westminster with her best friend and parents, and she had a slight mishap with her makeup artist showing up hours late. It could have been one of those major meltdown moments, but Kelly took it like a pro and really impressed all of us by keeping her cool and doing her own makeup in the morning. It’s a really good thing that Kelly can do really good makeup on herself because she made it look just as if a professional makeup artist did it, which is super impressive. The rest of their morning was spent laughing with some happy tears as the dad saw his daughter all dressed up as a bride. Meanwhile, in Vancouver, Jared was having a pretty relaxed morning getting ready at the Auberge Hotel, with his best man who flew in from the East Coast. Once we arrived to the Vancouver Art Gallery to do the first look between Jared and Kelly, I found out that Kelly and her man of honour were actually tracking Jared through a GPS to ensure that he arrived at the Vancouver Art Gallery before them. Hmmm…a bit sneaky, but I like it! I could say I can use that on Will, but that would require us to not hang out with each other 24/7, which is not going to happen anytime soon.

The Vancouver Art Gallery, The perfect photo location for K+J

Their first look was on the 3rd-floor rotunda in the Vancouver Art Gallery, which is the location Kelly loved. After the first look, we just used that room for the portrait session. It was a new experience for us to use one room in as many ways as possible for over an hour, but it worked and we got some really creative photos!

Terminal City Club, a reception fit for a princess (and James Bond)

We then headed off to the Terminal City Club for the ceremony. It was a beautiful ceremony with a custom-designed runner with their wedding logo printed on it and lined with flower petals and candles. Jared is a huge James Bond fan, so not only did he look the part, but after they kissed and were signing the documents, every guest was greeted with a martini (official James Bond drink), and the officiant impressed everyone by making martinis for Kelly and Jared right on the spot, so they could walk with a drink down the aisle. It was an awesome touch to a gorgeous wedding. The entire wedding was decorated by Filosophi EventsBespoke Decor, A&B Partytime Rental, with flowers by The Flower Factory. They made the entire wedding look picture perfect, and Kelly and Jared couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out. Thank you Kelly and Jared for being such an amazingly fun couple to work with. Your wedding was non-stop entertainment, and one we’ll remember forever and ever! – Words by Lauren photo descriptions by Will.


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