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Swaneset Golf Course Wedding

Picture of All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

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Swaneset Golf Course wedding

Swaneset has quite a different look for a golf course wedding venue. It’s a beautiful chateau style clubhouse with a huge grand staircase, beautiful, big chandeliers and massive windows which gives the venue a look of luxury. Those were some of the features that really stood out to Kimberley and Casey and ultimately made them choose it for their wedding venue.

Indoor wedding ceremony

Their wedding was in February, so they had an indoor wedding ceremony. The wedding was beautifully decorated by Chic and Unique Events and She’s My Florist. The sun came out for a brief moment during the ceremony, filling the room in a nice glow. K+C had a traditional first look down the aisle, and decided on writing their own vows, which got the guests laughing and crying.

Pitt Lake wedding photos

Pitt Meadows has some of the best mountain views in the Lower Mainland. We love it! We started with utilizing some of the venue for some wedding photos by using the chandeliers and staircase, then moved outside to get some photos with that amazing mountain landscape. Right at the end the portrait session, it started to rain. It was the perfect timing to get a few rain wedding photos!

Kiss the cod and drinking Screech

Kimberley’s family are from Newfoundland, and they brought in a little bit of a Newfie tradition by having a Screech-in ceremony for the couple to become honorary Newfies. The couple had to put on rain hats, take a shot of Screech and then they are asked the question “Do ye all want to be Newfoundlanders?” and they replied, “Indeed we do me old cock and long may your big jib draw.” Well, let’s just say it took them a few attempts, and a couple shots of screech later, they finally said it! They were then smacked on the bum with a paddle, kissed a fish, and finally given a Screecher Certificate. It was one of the funniest moments we’ve ever witnessed in a wedding! Click photos to see high resolution.

Thanks to K+C!

Thank you Kimberley and Casey for having us as your photographers! Everything about your wedding day was amazing, and we had so much fun with you guys! We look forward to photographing more Swaneset Golf Course weddings just like this! BOOK US FOR YOUR WEDDING   See more Swaneset Golf Course weddings by us. See more wedding venues like Swan E Set


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