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Its about time we made our way over to the Sunshine Coast, BC for a photoshoot. Nicole and Cam met on a beautiful island just off Gibsons Landing called Keats Island, BC. They spent their summers working at the summer camp and living it up on the island. We took a sweet little Water Taxi from Gibsons to Keats Island and started the photo shoot off on the dock. They were instantly comfortable in front of the camera so we walked around Keats Island and just had fun with it. We hiked to this amazing little shack on the side of a cliff that Cam used to live in. The little cabin had just enough room for a bed and had million dollar ocean views. If I ever lived on the Sunshine Coast I would think this would be the way to do it! We then made our way to the next spot that was on the tip of the Keats Island. Unfortunately, one of the weirdest things happend on an engagement shoot, Cam got bit by a TICK! It put a damper on us hiking out to the next location, but we still managed to get some beautiful photos in the big open field. What a great experience on the Sunshine Coast, hopefully I will do more photo shoots and weddings there. I am looking forward to being Nicole and Cams wedding photographer in August! 3keats island bcsunshine coast weddingKeats log cabinsunshine coast forestsunshine coastreach rocksunshine coast weddingengagement locationsengagement photographykeats island photoskeats island cabinsunshine coast10sunshine coast11sun sunshineengagement forestsunshine coast12keats bcphotographersunshine coast photographerportrait photographer


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