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This engagement session was photographed in Squamish, British Columbia. Squamish is situated right between Vancouver and Whistler and is sandwiched between huge mountains and the ocean. The city has a super outdoorsy feel and claim they are the recreation capital of Canada. Chelsey and Ryan have great memories at the first location, Brohm Lake, where they had one of their first dates. Chelsey took the dare to go cliff jumping into the freezing cold water and they have been together ever since. So Brohm Lake was a perfect place for their engagement photos. These guys were such a cool couple that are down for anything! After toughing it out in the rain, we went for a little shelter. We traversed around a barb wire fence to get into the condemned barn on the ocean. I scouted this location years ago when it had a skatepark in it, while photographing for a local skateshop. It now was this amazing empty barn, just waiting for us. After the barn we grabbed one last photo in Porteau Cove on the Sea to Sky highway, just before we completely ran out of natural light. I had an amazing time hanging out with Chelsey and Ryan and look forward to photographing their wedding in October!

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14 Comments on “Squamish Portraits”

  1. thankyou, gotta take advantage of that rain!

  2. yea ur definitely killing it over there in vancouver 🙂 loving it.

  3. These pictures are AMAZING!!! This is my sister and brother in law and they look so good. My favorite picture is the slow falling rain and Chels and Ry kissing under the umbrella! Good Work 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness!!!!! What can I say , beautiful , beautiful , beautiful !!!!!! My daughter and my son in law to be, and great Pics!!! Good work Will!!!! I got goose bumps right away with every picture, and have been bragging to my friends and crying ever since!!! Ant wait until Oct 13th

    Mom & Ken

  5. WOW !! Amazing photo’s guys… they look AWESOME, WIll u did a wonderful job, u should be very happy with yourself they look AWESOME!! I cant wait for the BIG day and see more amazing photo’s, LOVE you guys!!!

    xxoxoxox 🙂

  6. Hey Will !!

    These look so amazing ! We had such a great time this day (even with the rain) lol
    Can’t wait for the next shoot !


  7. Hi Guys – I love these photos!, the rain adds just a special touch, and a special light which makes them very romantic – I just adore the last one, the lighting is amazing! – thank you for sharing them with us – much love to you both – Lorna xx

  8. I agree, there is something very romanic about the rain. Something about just not caring if you are getting soaking wet

  9. Goose bumps… excellent reaction! We are looking forward until October!

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