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17 Celebrate at Private Modern Brix and Mortar Small wedding

Picture of All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

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We’re excited to share this amazing Brix and Mortar small wedding in Vancouver. At Pursell Photography, we’re all about creating a unique and professional quality experience for our clients. With over 15 years of experience, we specialize in wedding, elopement, and portrait photography, using off-camera lighting skills to capture your special moments in any situation.

The Charm of Brix and Mortar

Brix and Mortar is a unique venue for small weddings, offering a beautiful courtyard with an urban aesthetic. The accent lights create a magical atmosphere, making the wedding feel more personal (See how accent lights can improve your wedding). The smaller space encourages guests to mingle, adding to the intimacy of the event. One of our favourite moments was capturing the emotional first look of a couple at this venue. The photos turned out beautifully, reflecting the love and anticipation of the couple.

Unique Venue for Small Weddings in Vancouver’s Yaletown

Brix and Mortar, located in a 1912 heritage brick building in the Yaletown neighbourhood of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, is a unique venue for small weddings. The venue’s glass-covered courtyard patio and elegant dining room are ideal for creating memorable experiences.

The small wedding ceremony at Brix and Mortar

This amazing couple had a perfect intimate wedding ceremony at the stunning small wedding venue of Brix and Mortar. Allow us to guide you through their love story as we set the stage for their special day.

Intimate and Memorable: The Couple’s Small Wedding Ceremony

The couple’s small wedding ceremony at Brix and Mortar was an intimate and heartfelt affair, shared with 17 guests who were their nearest and dearest. The charm and character of this historic venue in Vancouver’s Yaletown (1) neighbourhood set the stage for a truly memorable celebration.

Urban Elegance: A Modern Twist on Wedding Celebrations

Despite its historic charm, Brix and Mortar also offered a touch of modern elegance. With its sleek design, contemporary furnishings, and urban aesthetic, the venue brought a fresh and stylish twist to the couple’s wedding celebrations. It was the perfect fusion of classic and contemporary, creating a unique and memorable atmosphere for all in attendance.

Enchanting Courtyard: A Serene Oasis for the Couple’s Vows

One of the highlights of the ceremony was the venue’s courtyard. Nestled within the bustling city, this hidden gem provided a serene oasis where the couple exchanged their vows. The greenery, and soft accent lighting added a touch of magic, creating a romantic and intimate ambiance that made the moment even more special.

Sharing the Joy with 17 Loved Ones

With a guest list limited to 17 loved ones, the couple’s small wedding ceremony fostered a deep sense of connection and intimacy. Each guest played a significant role in their lives, and being able to share this joyous occasion with them created an atmosphere of love, warmth, and support that filled the air.

Toasting to the Future: Celebrating Love at Brix and Mortar

As the ceremony drew to a close, the couple and their guests gathered to toast to the future. With glasses raised high, they celebrated the love and commitment shared by the newlyweds. Brix and Mortar provided the perfect setting for this joyful celebration, with its welcoming atmosphere and historic charm serving as a constant reminder of the love that brought everyone together.

Wedding Photo Shoot on the Vancouver Seawall

At blue hour, the couple’s wedding photoshoot along the Vancouver Seawall captured a blend of urban charm and natural beauty, creating unforgettable memories against this iconic backdrop.

The Beauty of Vancouver Seawall

The Vancouver Seawall is a popular choice for wedding photoshoots, offering the city and the water as a stunning background. The blue hour, just after sunset, provides a magical light that enhances the beauty of the photos. We use our lighting skills to balance the background and the couple, making them pop against the natural beauty of the Seawall.

A Magical Setting: Vancouver Seawall at Blue Hour

The Vancouver Seawall, bathed in the soft glow of the blue hour, provided a magical setting for the wedding couple’s portrait photoshoot. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the cityscape was illuminated in a captivating blend of warm and cool tones, creating a stunning backdrop that perfectly complemented the couple’s love and happiness.

An Iconic Backdrop: Vancouver’s Cityscape

The cityscape of Vancouver, with its iconic landmarks and modern architecture, served as a striking backdrop for the couple’s photoshoot. The towering buildings and sparkling lights provided a sense of sophistication, perfectly juxtaposed against the couple’s intimate moments.

Reception at Brix and Mortar

When it comes to wedding receptions, couples often find themselves torn between intimate gatherings and larger celebrations. However, Brix and Mortar breaks the mold by offering a unique courtyard setting that is typically associated with smaller weddings. This section will delve into the couple’s reception setup, featuring a long table with flickering candlelight.

A Dream Come True: Capturing the Couple’s Portraits in the Brix Courtyard

As the couple’s portrait session winded down, we had the incredible opportunity to capture some truly magical moments right in front of their breathtaking wedding reception setup in the enchanting Brix courtyard. The bride’s face lit up with pure joy as she exclaimed, “It is exactly how I imagined it to be!”

A Picture-Perfect Setting: The Brix Courtyard

The Brix courtyard provided a picture-perfect setting for the couple’s portraits. With its charming ambiance, rustic accents, and romantic lighting, it was a true reflection of the bride’s vision and a perfect backdrop for their photographs. Every detail of the reception setup was meticulously arranged, creating a scene straight out of a fairytale.

Tailoring Services for Small Weddings

We offer a-la-carte packages, allowing couples to choose their favourite images for wall art, albums, and digital photos. Our unique style sets us apart from many wedding photographers. Small weddings offer the opportunity for more flexibility with the timeline for portraits. For instance, at this wedding, the couple was able to have their reception dinner in the courtyard, a dream come true for them. We’re flexible in accommodating the plans of the day, and confident in our ability to photograph in any lighting conditions.

Mastering Low Light Photography

Low light conditions can be challenging, but with our expertise in off-camera lighting, we’re able to create colourful images that balance with the ambient light. This skill allows us to work in any lighting condition, making the photos sharper and more stylized. We’re not afraid of light; in fact, we embrace it because it allows us to shoot in any condition and makes the couple look better in photos.

Showcasing Our Expertise

Our expertise in off-camera lighting sets us apart from other wedding photographers. We use our lighting skills to capture the mood and emotion of a wedding, brightening and darkening scenes to put the focus on the couple. We’re not restricted to any particular angle to get good light; we can create the perfect light in any direction.

We can’t wait to hear more about your plans and to work with you to create a beautiful and memorable visual story of your Brix and Mortar small wedding in Vancouver. Let’s capture every moment and create stunning images that you’ll value for a lifetime.


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