Rustic BC Mountain Wedding

All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

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Our first wedding this year in Canada was an amazing one to remember. This rustic BC mountain wedding was in February, and for a winter wedding, we were not expecting a warm, sunny day, and most of all an outdoor ceremony! This is our first outdoor ceremony in winter, which as many of us Canadian’s know, doesn’t happen in Canada too much. We love photographing at Fraser River Lodge because the venue is a log building, which is pretty rustic, and is situated right beside a huge mountain (if you haven’t noticed by now, we are a little obsessed with mountains). Matt’s aunt is an officiant in Alberta, and she was asked by Matt to marry them on their wedding day, which was a very important moment for Matt. There was a lot of rain and snow leading up to that day, and before the ceremony, the clouds started to break up on the mountains to show those awesome snow capped peaks. It made for the perfect backdrop for an outdoor ceremony! This venue is a blank canvas inside, and Ally transformed it to look like something out of a wedding magazine. She chose all the decor for her wedding, and must have had thousands of candles in mason jars and vases inside and outside the venue, the twinkly lights set up on the roof and backdrop behind the wedding party table, gold accents everywhere, combined with the wood just gave the whole venue a glam, country, rustic theme. They actually told us that they took a lot of inspiration from past weddings we have photographed, which is really cool to hear. We ended up using a lot of her reception details for her portrait session, and also used that mountain backdrop as the basis of a lot of our photos. I think the only word to describe this wedding is Epic. Ally and Matt, your wedding was an awesome party from start to finish, and we loved every minute of working with you two on your engagement and wedding. You are such a sweet couple, and we wish you a lifetime of happiness. Thanks again for choosing us to document such an amazing wedding at Fraser River Lodge! – Lauren


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