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Riverway Clubhouse Wedding

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All images by Pursell Photography. 

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Colourful Fall Wedding

It was a rainy, fall day for Christine and Aiden’s Riverway Clubhouse wedding. The weather network was calling for Vancouver to receive the tail end of 3 typhoons that were supposed to hit the Lower Mainland hard that day, and to the dismay of many Vancouverites (but big relief for us), the storm fell flat. Christine is from Hawaii and Aiden is from Burnaby, and Christine really wanted to have those amazing Canadian fall colours in her wedding that she wouldn’t get in Hawaii. We had a really great fall season in 2016 with bright leaves, and they stayed around for quite awhile, so we were really happy we managed to capture those fall colours for Christine.

SFU First Look and Portraits

We had SFU planned as a back up rain location where Christine and Aiden had their first look. The rain was off and on, but Christine and Aiden never let the weather get to them. They were so relaxed and fun to work with. We made sure to keep them dry, and got some really nice photos that brought in some of the urban elements paired with the bright orange trees. SFU being higher than the rest of the city, they had the best colours of the entire Lower Mainland, so our back up location ended up working out for the better!

Rustic Wedding Venue

Their wedding was all at Riverway Clubhouse. It’s a beautiful, rustic venue on a golf course, with big windows, high ceilings with wood beams. All of the details of the flower arrangements and the candles really added to the ambience of the venue. We are pretty big suckers for rustic west coast looking venues, but they are also some of the most difficult venues in terms of photography and lighting. It’s always a new challenge, and that’s when off camera lighting really plays a big role in being able to get the shot.

Riverway Clubhouse Wedding

Christine and Aiden brought a lot of their own traditions into their wedding day. For the ceremony, they started off the ceremony with Aiden’s Persian traditions of the honey and sofreh spread. They also did a hand fasting tradition where both mother’s bound the couple’s hands with ribbons. It was a beautiful combination of traditions in one ceremony. During the reception, their grand entrance went right into a choreographed first dance. After they went into offering the guests a drink of Sake from a giant barrel to bring in a bit of Christine’s Japanese heritage, and for the cake cutting, Aiden’s family did a traditional knife dance. It was an amazing wedding, full of fun events and different traditions that made their wedding really fun and unique to capture. Thank you Christine and Aiden for choosing us as your wedding photographers. We loved every minute working with you! – Lauren  


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