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Rainy New Westminster City Style Engagement Photos

Picture of All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

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New Westminster Pier Park Engagement

When planning Joy and Rob’s engagement session, they wanted an urban location that was close to where they lived, and we recommended New Westminster Pier Park. New West recently vamped up their pier on the water and added in some fun new features that we were looking forward to photographing. It was calling for a lot of rain that day and our couple was a little nervous looking out the window, but we ensured them that rain is exactly what you want with this location, because it makes it moody, and more dramatic.

Rainy Day Engagement Sessions

Perhaps around 50% or more of our photoshoots occur in the rain, and often people can be put off by the wet stuff, and want to hold off for “better weather”. But, we honestly think rain is the better weather! It makes cities look moodier, it makes forests look more dramatic. It’s almost cinematic the way rain can make a photo look, and we honestly can’t wait for the rainy moments to take photos because it allows us to get creative with our lighting, highlighting raindrops and making scenes look like something out of a movie. If you can’t tell, it’s our favourite weather.

Rainy City Photos

We had fun taking our couple around to some covered locations and some wide-open locations where they used umbrellas or just went for it and stood in the rain getting a little wet. Rain photos in the city have a romantic feel to them, and we absolutely love how this engagement session turned out at New Westminster Pier Park. It was great to go back to this location and photograph it again after they updated the space. It was such a fun engagement session with these two, and we can’t wait to photograph them again at their wedding later this year! *Click on the photos to enlarge


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