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Rainy Day Micro Wedding Elopement

Picture of All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

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At Pursell Photography, we believe that love deserves to be captured beautifully, no matter the weather. Recently, we had the privilege of photographing a magical micro wedding elopement at Barnet Marine Park, nestled amongst stunning mountain scenery and the Burrard Inlet.

The day was met with a lot of rain, which now has been appropriately called, “An atmospheric river”. – a steady downpour of heavy rain. But here’s the surprising part: the couple couldn’t have been happier!

The rain, it turned out, perfectly complemented their vision for an intimate and romantic elopement. The misty air with the low clouds in the mountains created a dreamy atmosphere, and raindrops added a touch of magic to the photographs. Instead of the couple having umbrellas for the entire duration of their event in the rain, they opted out for the majority of the shoot, and we captured these beautiful moments of them exchanging their vows in the rain, as well as having fun with the weather for their portraits.

Adapting to Embrace the Unexpected

As photographers, we’re prepared to work with any weather condition. We brought out our rain gear and utilized the natural light filtering through the clouds to create stunning visuals. However, to truly enhance the rain and moodiness of the scene, we strategically used off-camera light. This allowed us to illuminate the couple and specific elements within the frame, highlighting the raindrops and adding depth to the dramatic mountain backdrop. See why we love embracing bad weather

With the steady downpour of rain and really dark clouds, there was not a lot of natural light available this day, and by using our off-camera lighting, it allowed us to get very creative while using the different elements that this park offers. See why you should hire a photographer who uses flash

A Vision Realized

The couple, after seeing the final photographs, expressed their delight at how the rain had elevated their elopement experience. The photos captured the raw emotion and intimacy they wanted to express in their photos. They were thrilled with how we preserved their memories in a custom-designed and printed wedding album with all of their favourite photos, and our metal prints which are displayed as large pieces of art in their home that they can enjoy seeing every day they walk in!  

Let Pursell Photography Capture Your Love Story

At Pursell Photography, we’re passionate about capturing your love story, rain or shine. We believe in the power of photography to tell a story, to preserve emotions, and to create lasting memories. Our expertise with various lighting techniques, including off-camera setups, ensures we can adapt to any environment and create breathtaking photographs that you’ll love and cherish forever.

Are you ready to embark on this exciting journey with us? Contact Pursell Photography today to discuss your dream elopement or wedding.


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