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All images by Pursell Photography. 

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This pre wedding portrait photography session was photographed in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC. Beijing and Chris wanted to have an intimate wedding portrait session in their new hometown of Vancouver before their wedding in China later this year. Beijing bought a wedding dress specifically for this shoot. We took the day and went all around Stanley Park and surrounding area, to get photos of trees, whales and cherry blossoms. The day started out by finding this little path in Stanley Park that had these massively, tall trees that the park is known for. It made for some interesting perspectives and composition. We then moved on to the Vancouver Aquarium. We showed up 20 minutes before close, and snuck in some amazing photos of the couple with the Beluga whales. It was hard to separate the couple from the crowd, but we managed to get a few photos by themselves. The whales were hilarious, pushing their heads up against the glass to get a glimpse of the bride in white. It was very important for the couple to get a few wedding photos with cherry blossoms. The cherry blossom tress are all over Vancouver but all bloom at different times over the city. So we headed over to a place just outside of Stanley Park between two buildings, where the cherry blossoms were in full bloom. I wanted to get a really interesting perspective, having the cherry blossoms frame the couple. So I jumped into the cherry blossom tress, and snap a few crazy looking photos. I always enjoy the relaxed nature of pre wedding or after wedding sessions. It was a pleasure hanging out with this amazing couple for the afternoon. We wish them all the best with their wedding in China later this year! 2 vancouver wedding photography4 vancouver wedding photography7 stanley park wedding8 vancouver aquarium wedding10 vancouver aquarium wedding11 vancouver aquarium wedding12 vancouver aquarium wedding14 vancouver aquarium wedding15 vancouver aquariumwedding17 cherry blossom wedding19 cherry blossom wedding20 vancouver cherry blossom wedding22 vancouver wedding photographer23 stanley park wedding24 wedding stanley park25 vancouver wedding photographer26 stanley park wedding27 vancouver wedding photography28 vancouver wedding photographer29 stanley park wedding30 vancouver wedding photographer32 vancouver stanley park33 stanley park photography34 vancouver stanley park36 stanley park wedding37 stanley park wedding38 stanley park wedding40 stanley park wedding


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