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Polygon Gallery Wedding: Epic North Vancouver Real Wedding

Picture of All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

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The Perfect Venue: Polygon Gallery in North Vancouver

Imagine a place where modern design meets the stunning Vancouver skyline. The Polygon Gallery in North Vancouver – an ideal backdrop for an unforgettable wedding. Located at the lively Lonsdale Quay, this waterfront venue, known for hosting spectacular Polygon art gallery weddings, offers dramatic landscapes and scenic west coast views, creating a picturesque setting that’s both urban and intimate.

A Love Story to Remember at The Polygon Gallery Wedding

Our wonderful couple, who met during their university days, chose the Polygon Gallery for their North Vancouver wedding. Their journey from university sweethearts to a heartwarming Whistler proposal involving their dog and a surprise with the ring started their wedding adventure. They chose a North Vancouver wedding venue as it was close to home, and a local place where all family and friends can easily get to and celebrate their Polygon Gallery wedding day.  Check out their engagement session in West Vancouver!

A Night of Dance and City Views

The highlight of their Polygon Art Gallery wedding evening was their waltz. Dancing on the balcony outside of the venue, in which the windows fully open up to the outside, they danced under the starlit Vancouver sky in front of their friends and family. The backdrop of the city lights at this North Vancouver wedding venue created a romantic and mesmerizing atmosphere, resulting in some of our favourite photos from the year.

Masterful Photography at The Polygon Gallery

Photographing this night at the Polygon Art Gallery wedding was an enjoyable challenge. Using our off-camera lighting skills, we balanced the lively reception with the stunning night views. Our photojournalistic style captured spontaneous moments at this North Vancouver venue, while creative cropping and Photoshop techniques made the bustling Lonsdale Quay seem exclusive.

Client Experience at North Vancouver Polygon Gallery Wedding

The couple and their guests appreciated our ability to capture natural, spontaneous moments. We received positive feedback for being in the right place at the right time, and ensuring every important moment was photographed. See how we use two photographers.

Personal Insights: Capturing Personality

What made this Polygon gallery wedding shoot special was the couple’s vibrant personalities. Their energy and love for each other were visible in every photo, making this a rewarding experience for us.

Visual Highlights: The Dance, The Portrait, The Lonsdale Pier

Key photos from this event include the magical dance, a pre-reception portrait session at the Polygon, and a serene moment as the couple walked down the Lonsdale Pier.

More Than Just a Venue: A Complete Experience at Seaside Hotel North Vancouver Wedding

The bride getting ready at the Seaside Hotel North Vancouver wedding venue, with its amazing ocean views, the session at Lonsdale Quay, and the ceremony and reception at the Polygon Gallery all added to this unforgettable day at one of the premier North Vancouver wedding venues.

Unforgettable Moments: Live Music and Fun Celebrations at North Vancouver Wedding

The reception was awesome, with energetic performances by SideOne Band and the entertaining shot ski, adding a lively and memorable touch to the event.

The Grand Wedding Album: A Timeless Keepsake

The couple’s main takeaway from their unforgettable Polygon Gallery wedding was the timeless beauty of their Grand Wedding Album.  These albums are more than just collections of photos. They’re luxurious, durable, and tailoured to reflect your style. With Lauren’s artistic touch, their wedding story was showcased in one of the best ways possible.

Exceptional Vendors

It was great working with fantastic vendors for this event. Railtown Catering wowed with culinary delights and impeccable service. Petite Pearl Event Planning ensured seamless coordination, while Young Hip and Married led a heartfelt ceremony and of course The Polygon Art Gallery for the ceremony and reception venue. Together, they crafted a memorable day. The couple were grateful for their contributions.

Frequently Asked Questions About a Polygon Gallery Wedding in North Vancouver

1. What Makes the Polygon Gallery a Unique Wedding Venue?

Answer: The Polygon Gallery in North Vancouver stands out as a wedding venue due to its contemporary design, stunning waterfront location, and breathtaking views of the Vancouver skyline. Its proximity to the Lonsdale Quay adds a vibrant, urban charm, making it an ideal spot for couples looking for a picturesque yet modern setting for their special day. They also offer a beautiful open-concept design where you can have an indoor/outdoor venue with big sliding windows that seamlessly open up to the outside.

2. Can You Describe the Photography Style Used for Polygon Gallery Weddings?

Answer: At Pursell Photography, we specialize in a photojournalistic style blended with off-camera lighting skills. This approach allows us to capture candid moments and dramatic landscapes, particularly at night, balancing the lively atmosphere of the event with the stunning backdrop of the North Vancouver waterfront.

3. What Are Some Photographic Highlights from a Wedding at the Polygon Gallery?

Answer: Key highlights include capturing the couple’s first dance under the starlit sky of Vancouver, creatively using lighting to balance indoor and outdoor scenes, and utilizing techniques to showcase intimate moments amidst the bustling Lonsdale Quay. We also focus on capturing the unique architecture of the Polygon Gallery and its scenic surroundings.

4. How Does Pursell Photography Handle Busy Locations Like Lonsdale Quay for Wedding Shoots?

Answer: We use creative cropping and Photoshop techniques to give the illusion of a more exclusive setting. Our experience and expertise allow us to capture beautiful, intimate moments of the couple against the lively backdrop of Lonsdale Quay, ensuring the photos feel personal and secluded.

5. How Does Pursell Photography Approach Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Challenges at the Polygon Gallery?

Answer: We utilize advanced off-camera lighting techniques to ensure a perfect balance between indoor and outdoor environments. This approach is particularly important for evening receptions, where we skillfully capture the ambient light of the venue while highlighting the natural beauty of the outdoor scenery.

6. Can Pursell Photography Accommodate Large Events at the Polygon Gallery?

Answer: Absolutely! We have experience handling events of various sizes at the Polygon Gallery. Our team is skilled in maneuvering through larger crowds to capture intimate moments and important aspects of your big day, ensuring no moment goes unnoticed.

7. What Additional Services Does Pursell Photography Offer?

Answer: In addition to capturing your special day, we offer custom-designed albums and wall art to showcase your wedding photos, as well as engagement photoshoots. Our goal is to provide a complete and unique experience, turning your cherished moments into lasting keepsakes.

8. Are There Special Considerations for Evening or Nighttime Photos at the Polygon Gallery?

Answer: Evening or nighttime weddings at the Polygon Gallery offer a unique and romantic atmosphere. We pay special attention to lighting to enhance the ambiance and capture the city’s skyline as a stunning backdrop. Planning with us for these considerations can help ensure your evening Event is as magical in photos as it is in person.

Ready to Capture Your Dream Photography at the Polygon Gallery?

At Pursell Photography, we’re passionate about turning your special day into a beautiful story that lasts a lifetime. With our expertise in capturing both the grandeur of the venue and the intimacy of your moments, we ensure every click reflects the essence of your love.

Don’t wait to make your wedding day unforgettable!

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