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PNW Mountain and Rainforest Engagement Photography

Picture of All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

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Pacific Northwest Engagement

The Pacific Northwest in Canada has such a beautifully epic landscape, and is a great place to get engagement photos. The lower mainland has everything from farmland to big lakes and ocean, all which overlook vast mountain landscapes. This couple really wanted photos in an epic nature location that they haven’t been to or visited often. 

Forest Photos

Rainforest engagement photos are a fan favourite. I think the ability to spend some time in nature and get some really cool photos in the trees, really make for a fun experience. The trees at this location are thin and straight up, with a mossy forest floor which made it a beautiful, green location and very fun to shoot in. 

BC Lakes and Mountains

Another fan favourite are the mountains of course. A lot of couples love the idea of water with mountains, and often couples think of the ocean. However, some of the lakes around the Lower Mainland are just as amazing or more with the surrounding landscape. We are constantly checking out new and unique locations throughout the Lower Mainland, and this area is one of our favourites.

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