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Outdoor Country Wedding Vancouver

All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

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If you live in the country overlooking mountains with a barn, then you have got yourself a setting for the perfect outdoor country wedding. When we first met Chris and Jessica, we immediately got the impression that they were laid back and fun people. Chris grew up in a really unique "Everybody Loves Raymond" situation where his whole family (aunts, uncles and grandparents) owned an entire street of houses right next to each other in the country side of Fraser Valley, BC (Mission). Once you see the property that they all have combined, it was obvious why they would take advantage and have the wedding there. The ceremony was really beautiful, with DIY details everywhere. The couple kept it traditional with having the first look during the ceremony and the two of them didn't stop smiling once. After the ceremony, we went on the portrait session around the properties. I really noticed that Jessica fit into the country lifestyle, when she picked up a shotgun and started shooting off rounds like a pro in her wedding dress! I have to say, having the bride and groom shooting guns was a first for us. It was pretty damn awesome!  Then they took us to the barn where the most amazing light was casting onto them, creating some really dramatic barn wedding photos. The night ended with an country themed outdoor reception with lawn games, speeches, a comedian and a beautiful first dance during sunset. We had to take advantage of the sunset, so we captured some beautiful photos of the couple in front of the mountains.


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