Our Top 10 Favourite First Look Photos

All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

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First Look Photos

You are getting married, and now in the planning stages of your wedding, and you are hearing the words “first look”, so what do you do now? There are two ways you can do a first look with your partner: either the traditional down the aisle, or an intimate reveal. There is no right or wrong way to do this, it’s all about how you want your wedding to be. Also to add to this moment, couples are now doing a first look with their parents as well! If you want to get those big tears and emotional moments, that’s where you’ll get them (they are often some of our favourite moments).  

Walking Down the Aisle

The first look down the aisle is a more traditional way of seeing each other for the first time. This is often a popular option with some religious ceremonies. This style is like one big reveal of the bride to not only her husband but to the guests as well, which can be very emotional. The portrait session is between the ceremony and reception for this option, and the amount of time you have for your photos is limited to the amount of time planned between the ceremony and reception. 

Intimate Reveal

The intimate reveal first look is done before the ceremony, and it’s a special one on one moment between you and your partner. That was important for Will and I for our wedding because we wanted that special moment to see each other first before the ceremony and get some photos done right away while makeup and hair looked fresh. Portraits were important to us, to we wanted to open our schedule to accommodate more of that. The benefit to the first look is you can tailor your portrait session to be any amount of time you want before your ceremony, then enjoy your cocktail hour and just be in the moment of your entire wedding day.  It’s also a great option for winter weddings as days are shorter or those that are planning having sunset ceremonies.  Either way, it’s a beautiful moment that you will enjoy with your future husband/wife and one that you will always remember no matter how you decide to do it. Here are our top 10 (oops 11) favourite first look photos of couples and parents from over the years! Enjoy!


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