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Ontario Rustic Country Wedding In Fenelon Falls

All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

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Lauren generally writes the blog posts because english was never my best subject, but this one is a real special one for me so I figured I would have an attempt. I had the honour of photographing my best friends, photography mentor as well as being part of the wedding party!

AJ + Will

AJ is one of my long time friends (probably around 15 years). We did a lot of growing up together in our younger days. AJ is also the person that got me interested and taught me everything about photography for the first few years. It was all during our first trip out West. We had this amazing ski trip planned for Lake Louise. At the time I was just in college for business without much focus other than to be a ski bum. First day out on the ski hill I had a life changing moment, I overshot a jump and blew my ACL, MCL and meniscus during a crash. AJ convinced me to stay the week and asked me to photograph him hitting some jumps (he’s really, really good). He walked me through how to use his camera, as well as set up the shots for me. I just clicked the button. Upon reviewing the photos, I could not believe I took the photo. I was hooked! Fast forward about a year, I now have essentially taken over all of AJ’s camera equipment and have asked him enough questions about photography to make him not want to hang out with me any more 🙂 AJ made the move out to Vancouver from Toronto around the same time as Lauren and I about 10 years ago. He always had something pulling him back to Ontario. We know know what that was… Cheryl! I can really see why, they are absolutely perfect together. Bonus she is also a photographer 🙂

Cheryl + AJ

AJ met Cheryl while they both worked in Henry’s (a camera store in Oakville). After a few years of being friends, they started dating and moved in together. Then a few years after that, AJ proposed to Cheryl down by the lake where they decide to move in together. While they were sitting on the waterfront a guys on a jet ski was ripping around. He didn’t have the exact words written down and the only thing that came to mind was “wanna make some waves?” as he presented the ring. He then surprised her with all of their friends at one of their favourite restaurants.

The wedding in Fenelon falls Ontario

For the wedding day we all stayed in some awesome little cabins on the water. The guys started the day with some jumps off the dock into the water. While the girls got ready. Lauren and I shared the camera throughout the day. Cheryl and AJ had their wedding on Cheryl’s epic 200 acre farm. They created a venue from scratch with pinterest worthy details. They went all out to lots and lots of thrift stores to find antique china teacups and plates. AJ and his dad worked hard to build the dance floor, so Cheryl and AJ could dance during under the stars. All their other details were expertly thought out to make a dream wedding.

Outdoor ceremony in the country

The ceremony was on a hill overlooking part of the property. Even though they were calling for possible tornados the day before, the sky opened up for some perfect weather. Since I was in the wedding party Lauren shot the entire ceremony while I stood up front and looked pretty.

Barn wedding photos in Ontario

It started raining during the portrait session so we used the “backup” location, the amazing looking barn on the property. Both Cheryl and AJ climbed all over the place to get the perfect shot. We ended off with dinner and dancing into the night. It was great having a party in a field, it brought me back to my teenage years 🙂 Thanks again guys for trusting me with your wedding photos. See you soon in Mexico for our wedding 🙂


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