Mehndi Vancouver

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Mehndi Vancouver

Mehndi is the application of henna as a temporary form of skin decoration. This was my first mehndi party, the first of a 3 day wedding celebration. If you ever get invited to one of these parties, arrive on an empty stomach because you will be forced to eat lots of amazing food! The event started off with all of her guests mingling at Noonshin's mom's house while she had her mehndi applied. Once she was ready, I snuck her outside to my on location studio set up on the side of her building. I just tried to find a minimalistic background around the area so she was not away from her guests for too long. Once we got shooting, she got right into it as she playfully danced around! I photographed it like a fashion photo shoot to show off her beautiful dress and mehndi. She kept saying "why can't every day be as good as this!"... reactions like that is what makes being a professional photographer so rewarding! mendhi artist and bride closeup of mendhi close up of indian bride mendhi party dancing indian bride fashion mendhi close up of feet


6 Comments on “Mehndi Vancouver”

  1. Beautiful job Will, she looks absolutely stunning! You really accentuated the femininity of the whole mehndi tradition.


  2. Love the look of the wedding portraits Will-i-am, bravo!

  3. wow willy, sick photo’s, she’s hot,the art was cool too,,,,,,,,,,,,

  4. Hey Will, great flippin’ job dude! It really looks like she is having a lot of fun and you’ve captured her beautifuly. You have developed a great personal style that is recognizable and very appealing. Congrats man.


  5. Absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful use of colours and textures and lighting. You really captured the moment.

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