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Why Night Wedding Photos Will Make Your BC Celebration Shine

Picture of All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

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068 - amazing rain wedding photoAs Vancouver wedding photographers, we at Pursell Photography know your wedding day is a whirlwind of emotions and unforgettable moments. But what if you could extend the magic beyond the golden hour and into the inky embrace of night? Night wedding photos offer a unique and captivating perspective, transforming your celebration into a scene straight out of a fairytale. 156 - night wedding photo port moody mountains ocean wedding party group winter

Don’t Let Darkness Dim Your Memories

Here at Pursell Photography, we’re not afraid of the dark. In fact, we thrive in it! Our expertise in off-camera lighting ensures that even after the sun dips below the horizon, your photos will be bursting with vibrancy and detail. We use innovative techniques to create dramatic, romantic, and artistic imagery that tells the story of your love under the starry Vancouver sky. 036 blue hour night photo vancouver seawall

Why Choose Night Wedding Photos?

There are countless reasons to consider incorporating night photography into your wedding celebration, portrait session, or elopement:
  • Romantic Ambiance: The soft glow of string lights, fairy lights, and cityscapes creates an undeniably romantic atmosphere. Imagine capturing your first dance bathed in the warm twinkle of lights, a truly unforgettable scene.
033 - night wedding photos
  • Unique Backdrops: Vancouver transforms at night. From the illuminated bridges and bustling streets of downtown to the twinkling lights of Stanley Park, the cityscape offers a stunning backdrop for your photos.
090 - fireworks during wedding
  • Creative Opportunities: Night photography allows for creative play with light and shadow. We can create dramatic silhouettes, capture the sparkle of fireworks, or even paint with light to create one-of-a-kind artistic portraits for your elopement or portrait session.
046 - how to take northern lights wedding photos
  • Capture Special Events: Ever dreamed of having the Northern Lights grace your wedding photos? With careful planning and a dash of luck, we can capture this awe-inspiring natural phenomenon, adding an extra touch of magic to your celebration.
196 - burrard bridge night city skyline

Popular Vancouver Locations for Night Wedding Photos:

  • Stanley Park: The iconic Second Beach or the whimsical ambiance of the skyline’s stunning nighttime backdrops.
  • Lions Gate Bridge: Capture the majestic bridge illuminated against the night sky, creating a dramatic and unforgettable scene.
  • Gastown Steam Clock: This historic landmark comes alive at night with its glowing steam and intricate details.
  • Vanier Park: The stunning views of the city skyline and the twinkling Burrard Inlet make for a truly romantic setting.
029 - gastown steamclock wedding photos When it comes to capturing the magic of your special day-through-night wedding photos, selecting the right location is crucial. While we at Pursell Photography will provide you with expert suggestions based on our scouting, the final choice is yours. Here’s how you can make an informed decision to ensure your night wedding photos are nothing short of spectacular. 093 - night creative forest fraser valley

Understand the Importance of Lighting

Night photography is all about playing with light. Locations that offer unique lighting opportunities, such as illuminated cityscapes, bridges, or venues adorned with fairy lights, can add a magical touch to your photos. These elements not only illuminate your pictures but also create a romantic ambiance. 036 - Woodbridge Ponds night photos

Reflective Surfaces Add Depth

Consider locations with reflective surfaces like water bodies, wet streets, or glass buildings. These can mirror the surrounding lights and decorations, adding an extra layer of depth and intrigue to your photographs. 075 - Lonsdale Quay engagement night photo

Architectural and Natural Frames

Look for spots that have interesting architectural details or natural elements that can frame your shots. Doorways, arches, or even trees can serve as natural frames, adding a creative edge to your photos while focusing the light beautifully. night-photo-brix-yaletown-downtown-vancouver-vert

Background and Ambiance Matter

The backdrop of your photos significantly impacts the overall look and feel. Whether it’s the grandeur of historic landmarks or the serene beauty of a natural landscape, choose a location that complements the mood you wish to convey. The ambiance of the place should resonate with your wedding theme. 150 - heritage church wedding Holy Rosary Cathedral vancouver bc

Accessibility and Permissions

Some locations may require special permissions for photography, especially if you’re planning to use additional lighting equipment. Make sure the location is accessible at the time of your shoot and check for any restrictions or fees. See more about permits whistler wedding photos

Consider Weather and Season

The weather and season can influence your night photography session. A clear night sky can offer a backdrop of stars, while a rainy evening can provide reflective surfaces for unique effects. We’ll keep an eye on the forecast and suggest the best timing. See why we like embracing the elements 145 - dramatic cinematic wedding photo rain dramatic blue vancouver

Comfort and Safety Are Key

Your comfort and safety are paramount. We’ll ensure the chosen location is safe for a night shoot and consider your comfort throughout the session. It’s important to be prepared with warm clothing, water, and snacks, especially if we’re venturing to more remote spots. At Pursell Photography, we’re committed to capturing the essence of your love story against the backdrop of the night. By considering these factors and working together, we can select the perfect location that not only meets your vision but also showcases the beauty and romance of your night wedding. 157 - night wedding photo port moody winter wedding

Embrace the Dark

Don’t be afraid of the night! Pursell Photography thrives in the dark and uses innovative lighting techniques to capture vibrant, detailed images even after the sun goes down. Trust their expertise to transform the darkness into a magical, fairytale-like setting for your photos. 107 - night photo projector vancouver city

Allocate Ample Time

Pursell Photography recommends setting aside 1-1.5 hours, plus travel time, for your night photography session. Don’t try to rush this creative process – embrace the opportunity to slow down, soak in the ambiance, and let Pursell Photography work our magic. Your patience will be rewarded with truly unforgettable images. 086 - creative blue photo

Communicate Your Vision

Have an open dialogue with Pursell Photography about the aesthetic you’re hoping to achieve for your night wedding photos. Share inspirational images, discuss wardrobe and styling choices, and provide feedback throughout the process. This collaborative approach will help ensure the final images align perfectly with your desired look and feel. 021 night adventure photos

Be Prepared for Anything

As with any wedding photography, unexpected events can always arise. But with Pursell Photography’s expertise and adaptability, you can rest assured they’ll be ready to handle any challenges that come your way. Trust in their ability to capture your night celebration, no matter what. By embracing the dark, collaborating on location scouting, allocating ample time, communicating your vision, and trusting Pursell Photography’s expertise, you will surely have breathtaking night wedding photos that will transport you back to the magic of your special day. 061 - award winning wedding night photos

What Are Some Tips For Choosing The Right Clothing For Night Wedding Photos

When planning your attire for a night wedding, choosing the right colours can make a significant difference in how your photos turn out. Night photography has its unique charm and challenges, and the colours you wear can either enhance or detract from the magical atmosphere. Here are some expert tips on selecting colours that will make your night wedding photos look stunning: 036 - night city wedding photos vancouver

Opt for Deeper, Richer Colors

For an evening celebration, pastels might not be the best choice as they can appear washed out under artificial lighting or in the dim glow of the evening. Instead, consider deeper, richer hues which can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your look. Stunning deep reds or crimsons, radiant golds, and captivating mauves are perfect for adding warmth and richness to your photos. See more about what to wear for your photoshoot outdoor night ceremony brock house

Avoid Overly Bright or Bold Colors

While it might be tempting to wear something eye-catching, overly bright or bold colours like neon or large patterns can be distracting in night photography. These colours can also clash with the ambient lighting often used in evening settings. Instead, aim for muted tones or sophisticated patterns that complement the night’s ambiance without overpowering it. Night Wedding Photos with Lanterns at Pursell Photography

Complement with Subtle Color Schemes

When selecting your outfit, consider using a dominant colour and accentuating it with lighter, muted versions of related colours. For example, if you choose a rich blue as your main colour, you could incorporate lighter shades like sky blue or soft gray as accents. This approach helps create a balanced and harmonious look in your photos. 043 - campfire engagement photos

Let Pursell Photography Capture Your Night

We believe your wedding day should be a story told not just in daylight, but bathed in the magic of the night. With our expertise in lighting and our passion for storytelling, we’ll capture the emotions, the beauty, and the unique charm of your evening celebration. Contact Pursell Photography today and let’s discuss how we can make your night wedding photos truly unforgettable. Or you can check out some more night photos 001 - gastown vancouver engagement photos


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