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9 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Mountain Elopement Package in BC

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The decision to elope can take many forms, but in the case of an outdoor ceremony, the sky’s the limit! Mountain elopements are becoming increasingly popular in the wedding industry because they offer couples a more intimate and personal experience than if they were having a traditional wedding. Mountain elopements in particular involve just close friends and family in attendance in addition to the couple, which allows them to focus on one another in lieu of stressing out about other events that might be happening on their big day.

Here are Nine Reasons Why You Should Choose a Mountain Elopement Package

1. An outdoor elopement at the top of a mountain peak gives you complete freedom to do whatever you want without worrying too much about time restrictions and lots of guests to worry about.

In addition, there is no better backdrop for a wedding than the mountains, and you can make your own rules for how you want your wedding to be. Mountain elopements are an excellent way to get away from the formalities of a wedding and focus on the most important element of your marriage.

025 - snow capped mountain helicopter elopement

2. Unique experiences. If you decide to elope in a location that is remote and off the beaten path, it means that you can use the time and space to create your own unique wedding experience. You can choose to have a candlelight ceremony atop a mountain lake, or you can have your ceremony at a secluded spot where no one can hear your vows except the two of you.

025 - mountain top elopememt

3. Less hassle with a mountain elopement. You’ll have the time to plan and enjoy your wedding without being distracted by other planning details. The extra time that you’ll have means that you can relax and enjoy the moment without worrying about the rest of the wedding.


4. Personalized Experience Mountain elopements give you the opportunity to create your own personal wedding experience without the typical wedding planning.

You can choose the location, the type of ceremony, the guest list, and even your vows if you want to. A mountain elopement can be just the two of you or a smaller group of close friends or family who can celebrate the union with you and your partner.

sea to sky gondola review

5. More privacy. In addition to the peace of mind that comes with having your celebration on a private mountain, mountain elopements also allow you to create a personal experience for your closest friends and family. 

005 - helicopter mountain wedding

6. The perfect setting for wedding photography with a mountain elopement, you can enjoy the perfect setting for wedding photography without having to worry about the rest of the wedding. You can leave the photography to your photographer and just enjoy the beauty of the mountains during your ceremony.

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7. No Clutter on the top of a mountain.  If you decide to elope in a location that doesn’t offer a lot of amenities, a mountain elopement is a great way to minimize the amount of stuff you have to tote up the mountain.

sea to sky gondola bridge wedding

8. Budget-friendly. If you’re thinking about eloping or getting married in the mountains, you can save a lot of money by having your ceremony in a venue you don’t need to pay for or decorate. Just use the gorgeous scenery as your backdrop.

020 - lake wedding photos

9. No matter where you decide to elope, a mountain elopement is a unique and unforgettable experience that will forever be a part of your marriage.

008 - jones lake elopement

Choose to have an outdoor ceremony on the top of a mountain and you will have a celebration that is truly unique and personal. You’ll get the best of both worlds – the intimacy of a mountain elopement, and the convenience of a mountain wedding.

How to get to the tops of mountains for your mountain elopement


Helicopters are one of the greatest ways to get to the top of a mountain. You can load at one of the helicopter hangers or some venues offer the ability for helicopters to pick you up from their property. 

004 - vancouver helicopter elopement


Taking an off-road capable vehicle is a great way to find some amazing mountainous viewpoints. Logging roads offer some views that are out of this world beautiful and remote. You are able to pull off down a road and find your very own spot that most have never travelled to before, let alone get married on, which makes it even more personalized.


Mountain views from the bottom

If you want to elope in a location that has a good view of the surrounding area, you can choose to elope from the bottom of the mountain in order to keep the logistics simple. 

A Bride in the Mountains

Gondola or Chairlift

Gondolas are becoming increasingly popular in mountain resorts. Getting to the top of a mountain and being able to look back down on the beautiful views from the top of the mountain is a memory that you will never forget. This option is perfect for those who are looking for the ultimate experience.

Sea to Sky Gondola


Popular mountains with sightseeing gondolas

Grouse Mountain (https://www.grousemountain.com/)

Sea to Sky Gondola (https://www.seatoskygondola.com/)

Whistler (https://www.whistlerblackcomb.com/)


Easy access to mountains

You can choose a mountain you can drive right up to or you can choose a mountain that is located on a resort that you can get to easily. 


Popular mountains with easy roads to drive up

– Manning Park (https://www.manningpark.com/)

Mt Seymour


Sasquatch Mountain

013 - grouse mountain wedding photography

Planning a B.C. elopement package? This ceremony is more than an option for many couples looking to celebrate their love with a personalized ceremony. Eloping is perfect for a more intimate getaway as you can choose a special location that reflects your love story – and the beautiful Canadian scenery surrounding this romantic ceremony.

The perfect wedding day is one that is filled with love and happiness. A mountain elopement is a great idea for a romantic wedding because you can have it in a beautiful location in British Columbia and enjoy the beauty of nature. If you’re looking for a unique wedding, get in touch to start planning.


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