Morgan Creek Golf Course Wedding Photos

First Look at Redwoods Park

More and more of our couples are doing first looks before the ceremony, and we really like it! Basically, it allows you to have as much time as you want for your portrait photos because you are not constrained to time between your ceremony and reception. S+Z were having their wedding in South Surrey, so we found a park in between their getting ready locations and ceremony at Morgan Creek Golf Course, and Redwoods Park was the perfect fit! It’s a beautiful forested park with large trees, a tree fort, ferns, beautiful tree lined paths. It was the perfect fit to walk around, find great light and create beautiful photos. 

Outdoor Garden Wedding Ceremony

Morgan Creek Golf Course has an outdoor garden ceremony location just off of the main building. It’s a nice tree lined location that is enclosed and pretty private. It was a very beautiful ceremony with lots of smiles and teary vows, and overall just beautiful vibe to the whole event. 

Morgan Creek Golf Course Wedding

I loved how the couple decorated the venue to have a lot of candles and the backdrop behind the head table had twinkle lights. We love using those type of details in photos because it’s allows us to really capture the ambiance of the venue and gives it a romantic touch to the space and wedding photos. It was a beautiful wedding, and the couple were beyond fun to get to know and photograph. We are so excited to see them again at the bride’s sister’s wedding in a few weeks!


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