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Micro Wedding at Hycroft: Small Wedding Venue in Vancouver

Picture of All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

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Getting married is a big and special moment in life. If you’re thinking of having a micro wedding in the stunning city of Vancouver, British Columbia, then you should learn about a couple who found their dream wedding venue at Hycroft. 

Meeting and Falling in Love Before Their Micro Wedding in British Columbia

The couple met and fell in love while working together on the east coast of Canada. Their love grew as they enjoyed simple things like taking pictures and watching movies. This shared joy in little things laid a strong foundation for their journey towards a small wedding at the perfect wedding venue in British Columbia.

The Proposal that Led to Choosing Hycroft as Their Wedding Venue

Their engagement story is as beautiful as a movie. It included a romantic setting at home with rose petals and their favourite soundtrack playing in the background. This magical beginning guided them to plan their micro wedding, and the search for the perfect wedding venue brought them to Hycroft in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Why Hycroft is the Go-to Wedding Venue for a Micro Wedding

Micro weddings are all about keeping things small yet special. Hycroft stands out as a top wedding venue in Vancouver, offering a beautiful and intimate space for couples. It is a place with lots of charm, making it a great choice for a small wedding in British Columbia.

Picturing a Movie-like Micro Wedding at Hycroft

The couple dreamed of a wedding day that felt like a scene from a romantic movie. They imagined saying their vows at a wedding venue that promised a magical backdrop for their big day in Vancouver. They saw their wedding as a day full of love captured beautifully in pictures that they could value forever.

Hycroft: The small Wedding Venue 

When the couple first contacted us, they didn’t have a venue set. They booked us first to ensure they had us, and then we suggested a few indoor venue options, Hycroft being one of them. When they saw photos of the venue, they loved it, and the green room was their favourite spot which they decided to have their ceremony in. Overall, they felt like it was a perfect fit for their wedding to capture beautiful memories in a stunning wedding venue in Vancouver, British Columbia.

About the photographers Will and Lauren Pursell

We’ve captured over 400 weddings together, creating “wow” photos that stand out every single time. Will is known for using fantastic lighting techniques, making each shot magical. Lauren, on the other hand, has a heart for real and candid moments, capturing the joy and the unspoken bonds that make your day truly special. Together, we are here to ensure your micro wedding at Hycroft is captured in the most beautiful way possible.

Relive Your Special Day Through Our Lens

We don’t just take photos; we narrate your unique story through our lens. We create quality wedding albums that tell your love story in a vibrant yet emotional way, a mix of colours and stunning black and white photos that showcase the joy of your big day at any wedding venue.

Discover the Best Backdrops with Us

But we offer more than just photography at the Hycroft venue. We have explored every nook and corner of British Columbia, finding the most picturesque spots that would be perfect for your wedding photos. Trust us to find those hidden gems that will add magic to your wedding album.

We can’t wait to work with you, bringing our passion and expertise to capture the magic of your micro wedding in Vancouver, creating a visual story that you will value forever. Get in touch about your wedding photography today.


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