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Wedding photos inside Marine building Vancouver

Picture of All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

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Jesse and Irene had the ultimate downtown Vancouver wedding on a Wednesday afternoon. The day was full of amazing art deco and Vancouver heritage locations...and lots of cab rides. The day started when I dropped Lauren off with the groom at their Yaletown apartment to capture the guys getting ready. I then headed off to the Century Plaza on Burrard where the girls were getting ready. When I arrived, Irene was full of excitement, laughing and bouncing all around the room. She looked beautiful. She reminded me of a modern day Audrey Hepburn. I captured a few more stunning photos of her, and then we headed down to the ceremony at The Sutton Place Hotel in Vancouver. The hotel was luxurious and the ceremony was very intimate and small, filled with their close family and friends. After the ceremony, we were just about to head out to our first location, when I noticed this great fireplace located in the lounge in the hotel. Since it was midweek, the lounge was full of old businessmen sipping on midday whiskey’s all watching the newlyweds put on a show, and pose for some intimate photos on the couch. We took a few fun photos of the bridal party near the Vancouver Art Gallery, and then we sent them on their way, to get maximum amount of time for the Jesse and Irene. We hopped into a cab with the couple and went to the Vancouver Marine Building. I think the art deco style architecture of the building complemented their style perfectly. That place is a photographer’s dream, the attention to detail is stunning. We then hopped into another taxi to the Holy Rosary Cathedral, taking dramatic shots of the photogenic newlyweds with gothic architecture as the backdrop. The Vancouver Heritage Buildings are my new favorite things to photograph weddings at. For the final location, we hopped into yet another cap and drove off to False Creek to get some intimate night shots. Eventually Jesse and Irene had to call it quits because they were late for their own party that was held in their apartment. Jesse and Irene are a fun couple, full of energy and definitely knew how to the work the camera all day long. This was an amazing start to our 2012 weddings! 1 sutton hotel2 sutton vancouver6 vancouver wedding8 sutton hotel10 sutton vancouver12 vancouver wedding13 yaletown wedding15 yaletown wedding16 yaletown wedding17 vancouver wedding20 sutton vancouver21 vancouver wedding23 sutton vancouver25 sutton wedding27 sutton wedding31 vancouver wedding33 vancouver wedding36 marine building38 marine building39 marine building40 vancouver wedding41 vancouver wedding42 marine building44 vancouver wedding45 vancouver wedding46 marinebuilding vancouver47 marinebuilding vancouver48 marine building49 vancouver wedding50 vancouver wedding51 holy rosary cathedral52 holy rosary cathedral53 falsecreek wedding54 false creek


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