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Luxury Wedding at the Vancouver Club

All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

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Vancouver Destination Wedding

Vancouver is a beautiful city which we are finding is becoming more popular as a destination wedding location! We have photographed couples from all over Canada, US and even as far as the UK who come to BC to get married. When the Canadian dollar dipped, we noticed a surge of American couples coming to Vancouver for their wedding. Angela and Ian both came from the United States to Vancouver to celebrate their wedding at the Vancouver Club. They really loved the look and vibe of the city, and the price conversion wasn’t too bad either and worked out to be cheaper than having the wedding in their own city!

Vancouver Club Wedding

Angela and Ian loved the heritage look, and wanted something that had a very historic feel, as well as looked elegant and luxurious. It was down to The Vancouver Club, Hycroft and Hotel Georgia, and The Vancouver Club won! This club was established in 1889 when Vancouver was just 3 years old. Since Vancouver is such a young, modern city in Canada, there is not a lot of choice when it comes to finding an old, luxury wedding venue. This venue is one of the few buildings in Vancouver that has maintained a lot of the heritage feel, as well as having elegance and beauty which makes it a popular venue for weddings.

Unique Wedding Dress

We don’t usually dive into fashion in our blogs (because we don’t really know too much about it), but in the many, many years that we have been photographing weddings, this was the first time that I’ve seen a wedding dress with a cape! It was so different and unique that we knew we had to incorporate it into photos, so we played with having the cape flying in the wind during the portrait session at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Sparkler Exit

At the end of the night, Angela and Ian planned a sparkler exit for their wedding. All the guests gathered outside of the Vancouver Club with their sparklers in hand and gave a huge send off to the newlyweds. Sparkler exits make for some really fun photos, and honestly, who doesn’t love playing with sparklers? Thank you Angela and Ian for choosing us to be a part of your luxury wedding at the Vancouver Club!


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