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How We Help You Select the Perfect Photoshoot Location for Your Portraits

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All images by Pursell Photography. 

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At Pursell Photography, we understand that choosing the right location for your portrait session elopement or wedding is a crucial element in capturing memories that will last a lifetime. The setting not only provides a beautiful backdrop for your photos but also reflects your unique personality and style. That’s why we work closely with each of our clients to help them select the perfect photoshoot location tailored to their preferences and vision. 070 - epic mountain adventure photoshoot

A Wide Range of Location Options

We offer a diverse array of location options to suit every taste and style. Whether you dream of a serene natural setting or a vibrant urban landscape, we have you covered. Here are some of the location types we specialize in:

Natural Settings

  • Forest: Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of a lush forest, surrounded by towering trees and dappled sunlight filtering through the leaves. This setting creates a magical and romantic atmosphere for your portraits. Forest wedding venues.
  • Mountain: The majestic beauty of mountains provides a stunning backdrop for your photos. From rugged peaks to gentle slopes, we can capture the grandeur of nature and the intimacy of your connection in this awe-inspiring setting. Check mountain venues.
  • Lake or Ocean: Water has a serene and calming effect, making it an ideal location for portraits, elopements or weddings. Whether you prefer the stillness of a lake or the dynamic energy of the ocean, we can create stunning images that showcase the beauty of the water and your love. See water venues.

Urban and Architectural Settings

  • City: The hustle and bustle of the city can provide an exciting and dynamic backdrop for your portraits. From historic buildings to modern skyscrapers, we can capture the essence of the urban landscape and the energy of your relationship. See city photos.
  • Architectural Settings: Unique architectural elements can add a striking and sophisticated touch to your photos. We can explore interesting buildings, bridges, or other structures that provide a visually compelling setting for your portraits, elopements or weddings.
  • Venues and Hotels: If you have a special venue or hotel in mind, we can work with you to create beautiful portraits in these locations. Whether it’s a grand ballroom or an intimate courtyard, we can capture the elegance and romance of your chosen setting. Top 30 wedding venues around Vancouver.

Seasonal Settings

  • Snow: The pristine beauty of a snowy landscape can create a magical atmosphere for your portraits. We can capture the sparkle of the snow and the warmth of your connection in this winter wonderland. See great places to get snow.
  • Rain: While rain may seem like a challenge, it can actually create a romantic and intimate mood for your photos. We can work with you to find creative ways to incorporate the rain into your portraits, elopements or weddings, such as using umbrellas or finding sheltered spots with a beautiful rainy backdrop. See how we embrace the elements.

Personalizing Your Session

At Pursell Photography, we believe that your portrait session should be a reflection of your unique story and personality. That’s why we take the time to get to know you and understand your preferences and interests. Here are some ways we can personalize your session:
  • Special Locations: If there’s a place that holds special meaning for you, such as your favourite park or a location where you shared a significant moment, let us know. We can incorporate these meaningful locations into your session to create portraits that are deeply personal and sentimental.
  • Hobbies and Activities: Sharing your hobbies and activities as a couple can help us create portraits, elopements or weddings that authentically represent your relationship. Whether it’s skiing, biking, hiking, dancing, or exploring the city together, we can find ways to incorporate your shared interests into your session.
  • Lighting Preferences: If you have sensitive eyes or prefer a certain type of lighting, we can take that into account when selecting your location. We can choose settings with more coverage to minimize discomfort from harsh lighting and create a comfortable and enjoyable experience for you. How we capture portraits in the harsh sun.

Trusting Our Expertise

With years of experience in portrait photography, we have a keen eye for finding the most beautiful and photogenic locations. If you’re unsure about where to have your session or prefer to leave the decision in our hands, you can trust us to choose a stunning location that will exceed your expectations. Our team is constantly scouting new locations and staying up-to-date with the best spots for portrait photography in the area. We take into account factors such as lighting, accessibility, and visual interest to ensure that your chosen location will result in exceptional portraits, elopements or weddings.

Collaborative Process

At Pursell Photography, we believe in a collaborative approach to help you select the perfect photoshoot location. We encourage open communication and value your input throughout the process. Here’s how we work with you:
  1. Consultation: We begin with a consultation to discuss your preferences, style, and any specific locations or themes you have in mind. This is an opportunity for us to get to know you better and understand your vision for the session.
  2. Location Suggestions: Based on your input and our expertise, we provide a curated list of location suggestions that align with your preferences. We can share photos and descriptions of each location to help you visualize the possibilities.
  3. Feedback and Refinement: We welcome your feedback on the suggested locations and are happy to make adjustments based on your input. If needed, we can provide additional location options or further refine the selections until we find the perfect fit.
  4. Final Selection: Once you’ve reviewed the options and provided your feedback, we work together to make the final location selection. We ensure that the chosen location aligns with your vision and will create the beautiful, meaningful portraits you desire.

Book Your portraits, elopements or Wedding Photography

At Pursell Photography, we are dedicated to helping you select the perfect photoshoot location for your portrait session. With our wide range of location options, personalized approach, and collaborative process, we ensure that your chosen setting reflects your unique style and creates portraits that you will value for a lifetime. See more photoshoot locations. Whether you dream of a serene natural setting, a vibrant urban landscape, or a location that holds special meaning to you, we are here to bring your vision to life. Trust us to guide you through the location selection process and capture the beauty of your relationship in the most stunning and meaningful way possible. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and begin the journey towards creating portraits that will be treasured for generations to come.


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