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Guide on How to Get a Marriage License in British Columbia

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As an elopement and wedding photographer, I’ve often been asked about obtaining a marriage license in British Columbia. While it’s not my area of expertise, I’ve taken the time to learn about the process to better assist my clients. So, here is a comprehensive guide that outlines the steps to obtain a marriage license in BC. vancouver art gallery wedding photo

Step 1: Timing and Requirements

The first thing to note is that you’ll need to purchase your marriage license within three months prior to your wedding date. So, keep that time frame in mind when you’re planning. Also, only one member of the couple is required to apply for the license, but they will need to apply in person and show primary identification for both parties. The primary identification can include a birth certificate, IMM/immigration form, permanent resident card, or citizenship card. In some circumstances, a passport or driver’s license may also be accepted. You can find more details here. rainy wedding photo vancouver

Step 2: The Cost

The cost of a marriage license in British Columbia is $100. Keep in mind that this fee is non-refundable. However, if you happen to lose your license, you can return to the place where you bought it and ask for a replacement. You can find more details here. mountain top wedding ceremony

Step 3: Where to Apply

There are several places in BC where you can apply for a marriage license. The BC government’s website has a search function where you can find a marriage license issuer in your area. You can access the search function here. mountain wedding photo

Step 4: Contact Information

If you have any questions or need further information, you can contact Vital Statistics in BC. The phone numbers are 250 952-2681 for Victoria and 1 888 876-1633 for toll-free within BC. You can also reach them via mail at PO Box 9657 Stn Prov Govt, Victoria, B.C., V8W 9P3. You can find more details here. boho wedding party In conclusion, while obtaining a marriage license might seem like a daunting task amidst all the wedding preparations, it’s actually relatively straightforward. Remember to apply within the correct timeframe, bring the necessary identification, and don’t hesitate to reach out to Vital Statistics if you need further information. Your wedding day is a special event, and having the administrative details in order will help ensure that everything goes smoothly. How to Get a Marriage License in British Columbia I hope this guide has been helpful. And remember, as your wedding photographer, I’m here to capture your special moments and make your day unforgettable. For the most accurate and detailed information, I recommend contacting the specific office or location directly. If you would like to read more check out our how to get married in bc without a big ceremony. fairytail wedding web

Now You Know How to Get a Marriage License in British Columbia!

Disclaimer: This information is accurate as of May 2023. Please verify all information with official sources as procedures and fees may change. If you like the photos in this post get in touch to have us photograph your wedding or elopement.

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