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Holy Cross Church and Italian Cultural Centre Wedding

Picture of All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

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Traditional ceremony

Cristina and Sal’s Holy Cross Church and Italian Cultural Centre wedding is one we will soon not forget! Cristina and Sal had a traditional Catholic ceremony at Holy Cross Church. The church was packed with both sides of the family all waiting see the bride for the first time. The couple wanted a traditional first look down the aisle for their wedding. Nowadays, it seems like a 50/50 split with the first look. Some couples do it before the ceremony, so they can get their portrait photos done before the ceremony and enjoy the events back to back, while others prefer to see each for the first time down the aisle. As Cristina entered the church and was walking down the aisle, not only was Sal tearing up seeing his bride for the first time, but she had a lot of her family and friends tearing up too. It was a beautiful moment.

Gastown photos

After the ceremony, we went to Gastown for their portrait session. Originally we had another location figured out, but due to unseen circumstances where an event shut down the entire park, we had to make a quick decision and went to our backup location in Gastown. Cristina and Sal really liked the look of the area around Gastown, with the cobblestone streets and the brick walls. So we focused on areas that were quieter around that area but had all the features that the couple really liked.

The Italian Cultural Centre wedding reception

Cristina and Sal’s wedding reception was at the Italian Cultural Centre. The venue was beautifully decorated by Cathy Dounis from Only the Best, with gorgeous flower arrangements by Tala Florist. The entire evening was a wild party, with so much energy and dancing. Guests had a tough time keeping seated in their chairs because they wanted to dance so much. When the events were done, the dancing began, it seemed like everyone was on the floor. At one point, Cristina and Sal were lifted into the air, while guests danced around them, some even with wine glasses balancing on their heads. People were shouting, laughing, drinking and dancing all night long. Thank you Cristina and Sal for choosing us to be a part of such an important moment in your lives, it was an amazing day!

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