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Helicopter Elopements BC | 15+ Epic Helicopter Wedding Tours

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Helicopter elopements BC are one of the most amazing experiences we can offer our couples as photographers. With years of photography experience, we’ve booked hundreds and hundreds of weddings. Flying to mountain peaks is always a highlight.

Below is the complete guide on helicopter elopements in BC that you can book.


Why have a Helicopter Elopement BC?

Helicopter elopements and small weddings are a great alternative to the traditional larger wedding. They’re quick, private, and adventurous.

A helicopter ride really is the perfect way to have a mountaintop wedding without the need to hike up there yourself.

It’s perfect for adventurous couples with a love for the outdoors.
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What are the best places for helicopter elopements in British Columbia?

Where in British Columbia is the best place for your helicopter elopement?

There are many helicopter operations in the Vancouver/Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, Whistler/Sea to Sky region as well as Interior British Columbia and Vancouver Island. Below is a list of helicopter companies that offer flights for elopements and can land on mountain tops and other unique locations.

Prices are generally based on the amount of flight time to the photography location as well as the airport, capacity and availability. The price of the helicopter portion usually ranges between $1000-and $3500. Prices and offerings will change – this is an estimate based on the information at the beginning of 2022. We are happy to make recommendations based on what type of adventure you are looking for.

Some helicopter companies specialize in tourism and some are more focused on firefighting and logging with the option to have a wedding. Generally, you pay a premium for the tourism-based operations but their helicopter tours might be a bit more streamlined for elopements. Single pilots tend to be a bit more adventurous to go to different peaks while larger companies tend to go to the same scenic locations they know are amazing.

These are in no particular order.

Heli-Elopement Package British Columbia

Fraser Valley Helicopter Elopement Packages:

We’ll start with this because it’s where we’ve flown out of the most and it has the most amount of options around the greatest population. Fraser Valley has proximity to nature and is close enough to the city. You will find snowy mountain peaks and snow-free rainforests here. It’s perfect for someone who wants to fly out of this area!

024 - vancouver helicopter elopementBook your helicopter elopement BC photography.

Helicopter Elopements Bc

Valley Helicopters (Hope BC) $1400+

Company size: Medium

Valley Helicopters is situated right in the mountains, making for just a short 5-minute ride to the amazing Hope mountain peak. They have helicopters with up to 6 people and offer amazing views of the Cascade Mountain Range. (https://valleyhelicopters.ca/)

Hunter Helicopters (Langley BC, offers pickups and drop-offs) $2000+

Company size: Single pilot

We met Hunter Helicopters for an elopement when we flew right out of the couples Air BNB with a helipad at the Royal Harrison Retreat (https://royalharrisonretreat.com/). Hunter is an adventurous helicopter pilot that will land on some seriously unique areas. He is happy to accommodate lower valley options when the weather is not as ideal. (https://hunterhelicopters.com/.)

Get in touch about your own helicopter elopement.

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Librico (Chilliwack BC) $2500+

Company size: Single pilot

Librico flight time tends to last about 45 minutes with a scenic tour and will land you at the Treehouse mountain range, which is 5500 meters above sea level and overlooks Mount Baker and a glacier on one side and Mount Cheam on the other (AKA some of the most epic mountains around the Lower Mainland).

018 - helicopter elopement fraser valley

Contour/ Compass Helicopter Tours (Langley BC) $2500+

Company size: Single pilot

Known for their viral glacial kayaking videos and Heli-Skiing, Contour has some extremely adventurous locations perfect for weddings and elopements. They are not shy to explore some super unique mountain peaks and valleys. (https://www.compasshelitours.com/)

BC Heli Tours (Abbotsford, BC) $1400+

Company size: Small

Located in Abbotsford, BC they will take you on an adventure with their helicopter that can accommodate 3 people (+pilot). Experience the breathtaking landscape, and cascading mountains. They have a number of locations they will land on. (https://www.bchelitours.com/)

Hire us for photos like these.

Metro Vancouver Helicopter Elopement Packages:

The city of Vancouver has limited options when it comes to helicopter operations; however, there are some personal charters available and a few helicopter companies within driving distance.

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SKY Helicopters (Pitt Meadows) $3000+

Company size: Large

Vancouver area’s most popular helicopter elopement packages. SKY has its own hanger in Pitt Meadows (many helicopters fly out of shared airports). SKY offers flights into the amazing mountains behind Pitt Lake. The flight time is about 30 minutes each way and they offer roughly an hour on the mountain top. SKY Helicopters has done a lot of weddings and elopements and they have their process down.(https://skyhelicopters.ca/our-tours/heli-weddings/)
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Helijet (Vancouver Harbour Heliport and YVR) Custom Quote by the Hour

Company size: Large

Flying right out of Coal Harbour in Downtown Vancouver, Helijet can offer unique charters to mountains and is billed by the hour. If you are looking to get to some beautiful locations on Vancouver Island they run the same flights every day which you can easily book online. (https://helijet.com/)

Hire us to photograph your Vancouver helicopter elopement.

Bonus: Seair Seaplanes (Richmond, British Columbia) (Custom Quote)

Company size: Medium

Seaplanes are fun alternatives to helicopters. You can have them take you to some amazing lakes, waterfalls, and oceans as well as many other water scenic destinations. Check out this Seaplane wedding we photographed. (https://www.seairseaplanes.com/)

Whistler / Sea to Sky Helicopter Elopement Packages:

The popular Whistler and Sea to Sky regions offer some great helicopter rides to some of British Columbia’s best mountains. They even have an amazing glacier that is unreal for elopement photos during early spring/summer!

intimate weddings whistler

Blackcomb Helicopters (Whistler, Squamish, and Pemberton) $2200+

Company size: Large

You’ll visit glaciers, mountaintops, and alpine lakes. Check out their locations in Whistler, Squamish, or Pemberton. They offer 12 and 25-minute flights with 45 minutes at a location for photography.

sea to sky gondola review

Sea to Sky Air (Squamish) $2000+

Company size: Medium

Flying out of Squamish Sea to Sky Air offers flights over British Columbia’s breathtaking Volcanic Parks, deep fjords, glacial peaks, and Pacific West Coast forests. (https://www.seatoskyair.ca/)

Black Tusk Helicopter (Squamish) $2600+

Company size: Medium

For over 25 years they have flown in the Sea to Sky corridor and amassed an extensive knowledge of this region that can help you make your experience more personalized and help find the most amazing locations for your elopement.


Get in touch to hire us for elopement photography.

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Interior British Columbia Helicopter Elopements:

Interior British Columbia is known for its unique desert landscape, wineries, and breathtaking mountain views. Many couples from all over the world have decided to elope in one of the most beautiful regions of Canada.

Valhalla Weddings (Kelowna) $1000+

Company Size: Medium

Your elopement can have breathtaking views of Okanagan Lake or choose from the mountain top ridgeline in Kelowna that will make for wonderful photographs on your special day.

007 - fraser valley helicopter elopement

Ikon Adventures (Kelowna) $1000+

Company size: Medium

Their location is just a helicopter ride away from Kelowna’s downtown core. Their goal is to make helicopter adventures easily accessible to anyone. (https://ikonadventures.com/)


Vancouver Island Helicopter Elopements BC

Atleo Air (Tofino, BC) $1000+

Company size: Medium

Explore the beauty of Western British Columbia. Tofino features a shoreline and beaches that are simply breathtaking. Atelo is Tofino’s only helicopter operation!


49 North Helicopters (Campbell River, British Columbia) $1500

Company size: Medium

Discover the stunning mountains in British Columbia with this one-of-a-kind flight! You’ll land on a remote mountaintop and enjoy beautiful views of Vancouver Island. (https://49northhelicopters.com/). Learn more about our helicopter elopement photography packages.
Airbnb Elopement with a helicopter tour

When should I elope using a helicopter?

Helicopter elopements are often planned in the late spring, early summer, or early fall when the weather is the most predictable for outdoor weddings. Winter helicopter flights are also amazing but it’s best to wait for a good weather window to book your elopement.

Helicopters are often the first responders to wildfires that start during the summer. Some operations may not be available for that time period.

If the forecast looks bad, flights may be cancelled or delayed, so it’s best to be flexible with your dates when booking a helicopter elopement.

005 - helicopter mountain wedding

7 Steps to Plan Your Helicopter Wedding

Step 1. Choose your helicopter elopement photographer

Choosing the right photographer for your elopement is important. The right photographer is usually one of the main parts of a helicopter elopement BC, so you want to work with someone who you’ll feel comfortable around and whose style reflects the feeling of your wedding day. At Pursell Photography, we offer a photojournalistic style, with a large focus on lighting. Get in touch to plan your helicopter elopement.


Step 2. Visualize what type of scenery

Choose the type of scenery you think would be perfect for your British Columbia helicopter elopement. With an amazing variety of scenic locations in BC such as mountain tops, ice caves, waterfalls, and mountain lakes you will be able to find the perfect scenery for your big day. Each region like Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Sea to Sky, and Interior British Columbia all offer their own amazing styles.

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Step 3. Decide if you would like guests

A ground wedding ceremony can be ideal for larger wedding parties. You can then fly away for your portraits! Some helicopter companies can accommodate a small number of guests on a mountain top. Look for medium to large helicopter operations that can accommodate 6 passengers per helicopter and multiple flights.

You will need 2 witnesses to legally elope. We can be your event’s official witnesses if you would like us to be. We have witnessed lots of elopements! Check out the complete guide for how to elope in British Columbia.

006 - helicopter wedding ceremony vancouver

Step 4. Pick a date for your helicopter elopement

Weekdays are the best for helicopter elopements as vendors have much more availability and flexibility. We take our elopements in the spring or fall when there’s less risk of storms and wildfires.

006 - Helicopter elopement

Step 5. Book any other vendors you would like.

There are a lot of vendors you can choose from when planning a wedding, such as officiants, videographers, make-up artists, florists, and caterers.

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Step 6. Have a backup plan

If your helicopter elopement is grounded, there’s a lot that can still be done if you are set on a certain date. You could take a truck down a logging road for example or opt for an intimate boat ride to the secret waterfall that you’ve always dreamed of. You may even just want to have an indoor backup location (check amazing indoor photoshoot locations).

009 - adventure elopement waterfall

Step 7. Enjoy your helicopter elopement experience

Enjoy your helicopter elopement experience, because it’s all about the two of you! Check out more tips for your elopement!

Do’s & Dont’s for your helicopter elopement

  • Come prepared with a snack and water! It’ll keep up your energy levels for the celebration.
  • Bring a jacket for the weather as the mountains can get chilly!
  • Wear comfortable shoes and make you feel confident moving around mountain terrain!
  • We recommend always having a backup plan ready in case of poor weather.
  • Remember to bring your marriage license, rings, and vows with you!
  • Find a photographer with a style you love!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Helicopter Elopements in British Columbia

Q: How much does a helicopter elopement in BC cost? A: The cost of hiring a helicopter ranges from $1,000 to $3500. Our photography packages start at $800, with most couples spending upwards of $6,000+ for albums, wall art, and digital files.

Q: Can guests attend our helicopter elopement? A: Absolutely! Guests can be part of your helicopter elopement. However, due to the capacity limits of the helicopters, additional flights or a second helicopter may be required to accommodate all your guests.

Q: What happens if the weather is bad on our scheduled elopement day? A: If weather conditions (like heavy rain, strong winds, or fog) prevent safe helicopter flight, it’s important to have a backup plan. Alternative options could include a 4×4 adventure to various scenic locations like mountain tops, waterfalls, and lakes.

005 - Custom vows Vancouver hike elopement

Q: How long does a helicopter elopement take? A: The duration of a helicopter elopement typically includes about 1 hour at the mountaintop location. This time frame allows for the ceremony, a photoshoot, and any additional special moments or activities you’ve planned.

Q: What are the safety considerations for a helicopter elopement? A: Safety is a top priority. Key considerations include:

  • Choosing a reputable helicopter charter with experienced pilots and a strong safety record.
  • Being aware of how weather and seasons can affect flight safety.
  • Understanding the cancellation policy, particularly for weather-related issues.
  • Preparing for high-altitude conditions and having a backup plan in case of weather changes.

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Get in touch for your helicopter elopement BC!

Finding the photographer who can capture your vision is the first step to planning your helicopter elopement in BC. We can help guide you and make vendor recommendations for the perfect elopement. We offer photos like no one else! Get in touch to book a free consultation!

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