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British Columbia is home to some of the most majestic mountain landscapes in the world. The mountains are a living, breathing entity, and their incredible beauty is awe-inspiring. From its deep canyon’s to its breathtaking views, British Columbia is a natural treasure. Take this unreal beauty that people from around the world travel to see and get married right in the middle of it.

A helicopter elopement is an ultimate experience for a wedding you will never forget. Step outside and see the scenic views as you ascend into the sky to view endless alpine vistas. Experience this beautiful, intimate, private event at a location where you are at the top of the world.

This service includes a clear process for you to follow through the systems and experience we have developed over years of planning to make your wedding day easy and stress-free.

Heli-Elopement Package British Columbia

Why You Should Consider a Heli-Elopement in British Columbia

If you’re looking for a way to say “I do” and enjoy the great outdoors, then heli-elopements are definitely something you should consider. Whether it be in the Fraser Valley, Vancouver, Whistler, Vancouver Island, or the Okanagan Valley – all of these places offer breathtaking scenery and the perfect setting for your elopement adventure.

When you book your photography with us, we are happy to recommend and guide you toward the best helicopter tour for your adventure elopement. We have worked alongside a few of the best helicopter operations out of British Columbia, which all travel to the best views of the mountain tops in the Fraser Valley. The time on the mountain is typically about an hour.

If there are other locations and operations you would like to explore, we are happy to customize other packages to meet your vision.

Heli-Elopement Package

Here’s Why Helicopter Elopements Are The Perfect Option For Adventure-Seeking Couples

Eloping in general has always been the choice for people who want to avoid a long, drawn-out process. You don’t have to deal with all the details of a big event, huge guests lists, and you don’t need to spend loads of money. Plus, with eloping comes the added bonus of being able to make memories that are all your own. Helicopter elopements are no different – they offer couples the chance to tie the knot in a unique way that only a few will get to experience in a lifetime! Our British Columbia Helicopter Packages Includes:

005 - helicopter mountain wedding

  • Photography coverage by us.
  • Our time in the helicopter + photography time at the location.
  • Zoom ordering session where we craft the perfect album and wall art for you on the spot.
  • Personalized vendor recommendations.
  • Wedding planning recommendations and coordination.
  • Travel fees to the hanger.


How Much Does A Helicopter Elopement In BC Cost?

The idea of getting married by helicopter may be the envy of many, but it is not as pricey as it may seem.

The average cost to get married by helicopter starts at around $2000 for the flight. This will cover the flight to and from the location of the ceremony, as well as up to one-hour at the remote location. Our photography packages are booked separately and would love to chat with you to give you a quote based on the tour you choose!

Helicopter Elopements Are A Reasonable Cost Compared To A Traditional Full Wedding

The average cost of a wedding in British Columbia is $30,000. This is a big investment for one day, especially if you are not excited about the idea.

Our couples are usually spending under $10,000 for their entire adventure elopement experience.

A helicopter elopement will give you an experience that is different than most weddings which could be worth more if you love the idea.

025 vancouver helicopter elopement evening

How to Plan for Your British Columbia Heli-Elopement Package

Planning for your heli-elopement package should be a fun and exciting experience! Here are a few details to figure out before your flight:

  • Will there be an officiant on board or will you be doing the legal work at a park below?
  • What is the maximum capacity of guests onboard the chopper?
    Are there any additional charges or taxes?
  • Who will be your witness? (photographer and pilot are able to sign)
  • What is the backup plan for bad weather?
  • What season do you envision your elopement?
  • Have the proper footwear and clothing for the weather.

Planning for your heli-elopement package does not have to be stressful. We handle a lot of the finer details. There are plenty of ways to ensure that it is as intimate and personal as possible. You may want to consider who will play a part in the ceremony and who will be involved in the first look if you are planning to have one. And don’t forget to plan for weather contingencies!

Fill Out The Required Wedding Paperwork Ahead Of Time Of Your Helicopter Elopement

012 - champaign first kissFor a helicopter marriage, it is best to have all the required paperwork completed ahead of time. This will make the process go much quicker and smoother when you arrive at your destination with all your paperwork in order.

Some of the documents that are necessary for a legal marriage ceremony are birth certificates, passports, marriage licenses, etc. Learn more about how to elope in British Columbia.

When is the best time for a helicopter adventure?

It really depends on how you’d prefer the photos to look. If you’re set on snowy, mountainous scenery and want a wintry feel, then we recommend winter or early spring. If you’d like to see more green, flowers and no snow on the mountain-top, Consider choosing later summer or early fall. For best lighting when booking trips, consider booking a sunset tour. For mid-summer, please note that many rides are cancelled due to forest fires in British Columbia.

012 - lake elopement

Have a backup plan for bad weather

Helicopter flights can be suspended due to weather conditions in extreme cases. For this reason, it’s very important to be aware of the different things that can affect the weather. Some conditions, such as rain, snow or local turbulence are easily recognizable, while others like wind or clouds may not be.

Always have a backup plan! Sometimes the helicopter can fly low into the valley to some amazing locations like waterfalls, rivers, and lakes. If the helicopter cancels, we can still go on an off-road adventure to an amazing location.

What To Bring For Your Mountaintop Helicopter Elopement?

014 - night heli tour wedding

Wear proper footwear. The terrain is often uneven, rocky or can have deep snow. Bring high snow boots for the deep snow, and sneakers for the warmer months to easily navigate the mountain top. If you want heels, you can bring them with you, and change into them once we have you set up for the photo.

Bring a jacket just in case. You may just need it in the mountain regions regardless of the season. It can end up being colder and windier than you think, so keep yourself comfortable as best as you can for as long as you’re here. There’s no harm in taking off your coat right before the ceremony or when we are taking portraits!

An umbrella is always great to have. After all, mountains are unpredictable. Even sunny mid-morning can turn into a downpour. There is no need to panic just yet, you can keep finishing the elopement and take more photos if you’d like to, before heading back down the mountain when it’s time to go home.

Bug spray in summer is often a good idea. You might not have to bring it depending on your trip, but you’ll feel safer if you take the time to give yourself a good spritz before leaving. Depending on where you are (mountain ranges, for example) mosquitoes and black flies can be terrible.

Everything You Need to Know About British Columbia Helicopter Elopements

002 - Helicopter elopement british columbia

Can you recommend an officiant to make the elopement official?

Yes! We worked many times with one of the best officiants in the Vancouver area that have hundreds of happy clients that we highly recommend. You can also feel free to bring your own.

Is there any way to add more photography time to the schedule?

Not a problem at all! Just let us know what you need and we will send a custom quote to you asap.

Can I invite a few guests?

We recommend a ground ceremony, then portraits in the sky if you would like to invite a few guests.

006 - helicopter wedding ceremony vancouver

Is there a weight restriction?

The weight restriction for the helicopter we use is up to 1500 pounds with up to 6 passengers.

Is it possible to get dressed at the airport?

Yes, there are small spaces available for getting dressed.

Do you offer videography?

We stick to what we are really good at: photography! We have an amazing videographer that runs his own business we are happy to get you in touch with!

What Are other Popular Helicopter Companies That Host Weddings Around Vancouver, Fraser Valley and Sea to Sky?

Vancouver, Fraser Valley and Sea to Sky in British Columbia are typically where we work.  We are also happy to quote for photography if you decide to book with another helicopter company for your elopement.

019 - adventure elopement british columbia

The top helicopter companies that are good for elopements are:

  1. Valley Helicopters in Hope
  2. BC Heli Tours in Abbotsford
  3. Sky Helicopters in Pitt Meadows
  4. Compass Tours in Abbotsford
  5. Hunter Helicopters in Langley
  6. Black Tusk Helicopters in Squamish
  7. Black Comb Helicopters in Whistler

If you have a location you prefer, we are more than happy to come along for the adventure!

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