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Hart House Wedding

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All images by Pursell Photography. 

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Outdoor Winter Wedding

You never really hear, “I want an outdoor wedding in the winter”, and few of our wedding couples have been brave enough to try in Vancouver. Ren had the umbrellas ready for the worst that day, but she was lucky to not need them because the clouds parted and the sunshine came out just in time for her ceremony on the back patio of Hart House.

Deer Lake Wedding Photos

Ren and Ivan didn’t want to stray far from their venue, so we started with taking wedding photos of the two of them around Hart House, then drove over to a different area in Deer Lake Park. Ren works in wardrobe in the film industry, so she managed to score three of the same dress from her work, so if one got dirty, she had a backup (or two)! During the portrait session, we didn’t have to really worry about her getting dirty, so we utilized a lot of the tree lined trails and big trees in the park. Since it was winter time, the sun was pretty low in the sky making for some amazing lighting during this portrait session.

Hart House Wedding Venue

Ren and Ivan had a small intimate wedding, so they were able to fit inside of the venue. The wedding spanned across the whole main level of the venue utilizing every room throughout. Ren DIY’ed her decor by designing all her details and crocheting every snowflake (which were all different by the way), that was hanging all around their venue. It was very fitting decor for a wedding on a cold winter night in a cozy heritage house. Thank you so much Ren and Ivan for sharing this special day with us! We had so much fun, and you were amazing to work with!


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