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Grouse Mountain Dream Wedding at Altitudes Bistro

Picture of All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

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A Beautiful Beginning: Reconnecting and Falling in Love

At the peak of Grouse Mountain, overlooking the scenic views of Vancouver, a love story reached new heights. The Altitudes Bistro, with its panoramic city and mountain vistas, was the perfect venue for our couple, whose journey together began in the hallways of their elementary school, chose this iconic location to exchange their vows, creating memories that would last a lifetime. Discover how their day unfolded in this amazing setting.

Choosing Pursell Photography

Our connection with this lovely couple began at her sister’s wedding. After seeing the beautiful photos we captured, they knew we were their go-to choice for their big day. It’s always a special honour to be referred by family, and seeing familiar faces at the wedding made the experience even better.

The Magic of Cameron Park: A First Look to Remember

The groom grew up near Cameron Park, a place close to his heart. It was their chosen spot for the first look photos. We took up the challenge of transforming this city block park into a magical, dense forest backdrop. He was thrilled with the transformation, proving that a little creativity can turn any location into a dreamy photo spot.

Remi: More Than Just a Pet

No family photo is complete without all members, and for this couple, that included their adorable dog, Remi. He was not just a pet, but a significant part of their lives. We ensured Remi was featured in as many photos as possible, capturing the joy and love he brings to their family.

A Grouse Mountain Wedding: Stunning Views and Natural Beauty

Grouse Mountain (1), known for its stunning views and natural beauty, provided an incredible backdrop for the outdoor ceremony. Overlooking the city of Vancouver and accessible by a scenic gondola ride, the venue added a unique and memorable element to their wedding.

Altitudes Bistro: A Reception Above the Clouds

The reception at Altitudes Bistro on top of Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver (1) was nothing short of spectacular. This venue is a hidden gem, offering breathtaking views of the city below. It perfectly complemented the natural, outdoorsy theme of the wedding.

Dancing Under the Stars: A Unique Outdoor Dance Party

One of the highlights of the evening was the outdoor dance party on the deck of Altitudes Bistro. Dancing under the starry sky, with the city lights twinkling below, created an unforgettable atmosphere that kept everyone on their feet all night long.

A Day to Remember

This Grouse Mountain wedding, complete with a stunning reception at Altitudes Bistro, was a day full of love, laughter, and beautiful memories. As photographers, we were so excited to capture their story, the beauty of the venue, and the joy of their celebration. If you’re dreaming of wedding photos like these then get in touch with us today!


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