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Why Getting Ready Wedding Photos Are Important

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All images by Pursell Photography. 

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Taking photos of you getting ready before your wedding with your closest friends and family creates a great story of your day. It’s a fun opportunity to get some candid photos, wedding details, and document some fun and creative moments with the most important people around you. It really helps tell a full story of your day from the beginning until the end. We also find our couples love going through their photos together and seeing what each other were up to before they saw each other for the first time.

Bride Getting Ready Photos

If you choose to have us photograph you getting prepared for your day, we can photograph details, final touches of hair and makeup, the dress put on, portraits of you, and candid moments of you and your wedding party and family. We recommend having your photographer show up 20 minutes before your makeup is complete to get the final touches before the wedding dress is being put on.

*Please note: Hair/makeup can sometimes run behind, so ask your hair/makeup stylist for an estimated time they require for this process and add about 20 minutes as a buffer.

Groom Getting Ready Photos

Please allow us to attend the process of you getting dressed, including putting on the tie, jacket, boutonnière, shoes, etc. If you are already in your wedding clothes, please leave the small details listed until the very last so we can document them. Other great moments include shaving, styling your hair, and having drinks or playing games with your groomsmen.

Prep Your Space For Photos

The best photos are often a space with the least amount of clutter by a nice window with nice natural light. A room with a nice view or patio is nice and we consider views a bonus. When preparing a space in your home, hotel, or Air BnB, or bridal suite, make sure the space is cleaned up, water bottles, empty alcohol bottles, clothes, hangers, food containers, random clutter or garbage on tables are removed, to make the most of the location and get nice photos.

How Much Time Is Needed For Getting Ready Wedding Photos

The optimal time for getting ready photos is generally around 1 hour. This allows time to get details, candids, getting dressed, and some fun candid moments with the important people in the room with you.

If you are ever wondering if it’s important to have photos of you getting ready, we always recommend it because it really sets the tone for the day and it’s a fun way to tell your story from start to finish!


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