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Why You Need Getting Ready Photos Wedding: A Complete Guide for Your Big Day

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All images by Pursell Photography. 

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What are Wedding Getting Ready Photos?

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Getting ready photos during your wedding capture the candid moments of both the bride and groom preparing for their big day. These images showcase the emotions, anticipation, and excitement as you and your wedding party share laughs, tears, and memorable moments. Pursell Photography, with their team of two skilled photographers, Will and Lauren, prides itself on capturing these unforgettable memories, so you can relive the magic of your special day for years to come.

Do You Really Need Getting Ready Photos?

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While getting ready photos wedding may not be considered an essential part of traditional wedding photography, they provide a unique perspective of the pre-ceremony moments. These candid shots can beautifully complement the more formal photos taken during the ceremony and reception. By including getting ready photos wedding in your photography package with Pursell Photography, you’ll have a complete visual story of your wedding day, from start to finish.

When Should You Take Wedding Getting Ready Photos?

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Getting ready photos wedding should ideally be taken while the bride and groom are in the midst of their preparation. This typically happens a few hours before the ceremony. At Pursell Photography, Will usually goes with the bride, while Lauren joins the groom, ensuring that both perspectives are well documented. Your photographers will be there to capture the special moments as they unfold, such as the bride having her hair and makeup done, the groom adjusting his tie, or the wedding party sharing a toast.

How Long Does Bride Getting Ready Photos Take?

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The time it takes for a bride to get ready photos can vary depending on your individual preferences and the timeline of your wedding day. On average, it takes about 1 to 2 hours to capture these special moments. Be sure to discuss your schedule and expectations with your Pursell Photography photographers, Will and Lauren, to ensure they can allocate the appropriate time for your getting-ready photos.

How Soon Before the Wedding Should the Bride Be Ready?

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It’s best to plan for the bride to be fully ready at least 30 minutes to an hour before the ceremony. This provides ample time for any last-minute adjustments and a few quiet moments to relax before walking down the aisle. Your Pursell Photography photographers, Will and Lauren, will be there to capture these final moments, providing you with a complete visual story of your photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we have getting ready photos taken at multiple locations?
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A: Absolutely! Pursell Photography, with its team of two photographers, Will and Lauren, can accommodate your needs for multiple locations. Just be sure to discuss your plans with your photographers ahead of time to ensure a seamless timeline (see timeline tips).

Q: What if we only want getting ready photos wedding for the bride and not the groom?
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A: Pursell Photography is happy to tailor their photography services to suit your preferences. If you only want photos for the bride, simply let Will and Lauren know during the planning process.

Q: Can we include our pets in our getting-ready photos?

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A: Yes! Pursell Photography, with their photographers Will and Lauren, loves capturing the special bond between couples and their pets. If you want your furry friends to be part of your getting-ready photos wedding, be sure to inform your photographers in advance.

In conclusion, getting ready photos a wedding can provide a unique and intimate perspective of the moments leading up to the wedding ceremony. Get in touch about your wedding.


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