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8+ Beautiful Garden wedding Venues Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, British Columbia

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Garden Wedding in the Rain

Popular garden wedding venues in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland are:

There are a number of popular garden wedding venues in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Below is a list of some of the most popular wedding venues around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland in British Columbia.

VanDusen Botanical Garden | Vancouver British Columbia

VanDusen Botanical Gardens and Bloedel Conservatory is a stunning Vancouver garden wedding venue. With their wide range of indoor and outdoor venues, they offer a multitude of stunning options for your wedding. (https://vandusengarden.org/)

vandusen-botanical-weddingMore wedding photos from VanDusen

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Secret Garden | Abbotsford BC

The Secret Garden is a beautiful greenhouse in Abbotsford BC. The ambiance of this venue is a tropical garden party meets elegance as you enter into a lush, tropical setting with gorgeous plants, trees, and flowers.

Their beautiful and comfortable reception space has a dance floor, large trees and is the ceiling is draped with luxurious material with multiple massive crystal chandeliers, and a water feature.

036 - Woodbridge Ponds night photos

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Harrison Hot Springs Resort | Fraser Valley BC

Harrison Hot Springs Resort is a scenic location in the Fraser Valley that is perfect for anyone getting married and looking for a lush green garden wedding venue. The resort boasts a wide array of available spaces for ceremonies, receptions, and photo locations.

007 - harrison hot springs resort wedding

Photoshoots from Harrison.

Bloedel Conservatory | Vancouver British Columbia

The amazing Bloedel Conservatory is located in Vancouver and atop the city’s highest point. It’s a lush dome that provides shelter for all its guests to enjoy.

Their tropical oasis boasts over 100 exotic birds and 500 tropical plants, which live in an air-conditioned structure maintained year-round. This unique setting offers an intimate ceremony, photoshoot, or event. (https://vancouver.ca/parks-recreation-culture/bloedel-conservatory.aspx)

009 Bloedel Conservatory rainforest wedding

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UBC Nitobe Garden | UBC

A traditional garden wedding venue in UBC is considered to be worth visiting. It has a capacity of up to 25 people and is perfect for intimate ceremonies and has great cherry blossoms when they are in bloom.

012 - vancouver cherry blossom wedding photos

Nitobe Garden wedding venue photos.

Hycroft Manor | Vancouver Lower Mainland

The ornamental private gardens are a romantic gathering place for your wedding. The surrounding landscapes and elegant environment provide the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. If you’re considering a location for your big day, this one is worth checking out!


Wedding photography at Hycroft.

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Cecil Green Park House | UBC

If you want to offer your guests the most memorable experience, then your choice for a wedding venue should be Cecil Green Park House. It overlooks both Howe Sound & the mountains bordering it, making for excellent photography opportunities. With the winding, cobblestone walkways, strolling is just a moment away from nearby beaches. Home to gorgeous architecture and calm surroundings, the private heritage mansion is ideal for weddings.


Photos from Cecil Green.

Morgan Creek Golf Course | Surrey British Columbia

Morgan Creek Golf Course has outdoor ceremonies, indoor receptions, or indoor/outdoor options. For those people who love the outdoors & nature’s beauty, Morgan Creek Golf Course has a unique setting with a maintained garden where one can enjoy the beauty of nature and its unique features. (https://www.morgancreekgolf.com/)

016 - wedding photography Morgan Creek Golf Course

More photography from Morgan Creek.

Queen Elizabeth Park Celebration Pavilion | Vancouver BC

The Celebration Pavilion is the perfect place to host an event in Queen Elizabeth Park. You have to love that backdrop of leafy trees and the beautiful garden area!


Weddings from Queen E Park.

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Stanley Park Pavillion | Vancouver Downtown

The Stanley Park Pavillion is a beautiful, lush garden with lots of greenery and green foliage. It overlooks huge trees and is located in the heart of Vancouver, Canada. (https://stanleyparkpavilion.com/)

stanley park pavilion weddingStanley Park Pavilion Wedding Photos.


Why choose a garden wedding?

Garden weddings are becoming more popular in recent years. Some of the reasons why people choose to have their wedding in a garden include:

1) The natural beauty of the wedding venue.

2) Larger outdoor spaces than indoor venues.

3) The variety of options for decorating the venue with flowers, greenery, and more organic materials.

4) The variety of locations for wedding photos.

5) Fresh air of an outdoor wedding.

The location of your wedding can be a big factor in choosing to have it in a garden. Some people choose a garden for their wedding because they like the outdoors. It’s an option for all your guests and it’s a place where they’re able to relax, enjoy themselves and have a great time with each other. Other people prefer to use their garden as part of the ceremony and make use of the area’s natural beauty. They may decorate their garden with flowers and other greenery to make it look like a wedding paradise.

024 outdoor backyard garden wedding

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How to Find a Garden Wedding Venue Near You

If you are planning to get married in a garden, you might want to consider a garden wedding venue near you. There are some places that have gardens that can be used as part of the ceremony and reception.

The best place for garden weddings is often considered to be a private backyard or front yard. However, there are public gardens that can be used as well. The idea is to find a venue that has a great view of nature and has a beautifully landscaped setting with flowers and greenery everywhere.

008 - garden small wedding


Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Style and Theme

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are many decisions to make. One of the things that you will have to do is decide on your style and theme. There are many ways to go about this, but below are some tips for how you can choose what type of wedding you want.

Will it be a relaxed garden-style affair? A formal black-tie affair? Or something in between? To decide on your theme, think about what you would like to be the most memorable part of your wedding. Will it be the ceremony? The reception? The flowers? One day or a full weekend-long affair?

018 - abandon garden engagement

The Benefits of a Garden Wedding

A garden wedding is a great idea for a small wedding. It is important to understand the benefits of having a garden wedding and how it would impact the experience.

The garden wedding is the perfect way to get some amazing photos without having to go through all of the hassle of planning and decorating a traditional venue. The best part about having this type of wedding is that you can make it as beautiful as you want, so there are no limits to what you can do with your ceremony and reception.

018 - mexico Destination Wedding

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What Do You Need to Know About Planning Your Outdoor Wedding

Planning your outdoor wedding requires a lot of careful planning and preparation. Here are some tips to help you plan your outdoor wedding.

1) Location: In choosing where to have your outdoor wedding, consider the weather, the type of venue you want, are there covered areas in case of rain?

2) Venue: Consider how much time it will take to set up and break down the venue for each day of the event.

3) Food & Beverages: Consider what type and how much food and beverage you need at each event.

4) Entertainment: What kind of entertainment do you want for your guests? Will there be live music or a DJ? What style of entertainment? Will you need power?

5) Decorations: Consider how you will decorate your venue.

6) Dress Code: Consider what kind of dress code you want for your guests. Casual or formal?

7) Décor: Consider what type of décor you want for your venue. Will there be a theme?

8) Have fun with the DIY projects such as creating centrepieces or designing invitations

9) Washrooms: Make sure there are either washrooms nearby, or you may have to rent out portable toilets dependent on your location.

10) Weather: Consider how the weather will affect your event. Do you have a backup location if there is rain?

11) Photographer: Is your photographer able to capture variable lighting conditions?

020 - garden wedding lgbtq


Top 5 Ways to Use the Garden at Your Wedding

Whether you are planning a garden wedding or a garden reception, there are many ways to use the garden at your wedding. Here are five ways to use the garden at your wedding:

1. A floral archway.

2. A flower-lined aisle.

3. Use accent lights and string lights though-out the garden. Get more lighting ideas.

4. A photo booth with a garden backdrop.

5. The place where guests can dance.

037 - candid wedding greenhouse

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The Art of Planning an Unforgettable Personalized and Unique Outdoor Wedding in a Garden

Picking a suitable garden venue for your outdoor wedding is one of the most important aspects of putting together your dream event. Consider factors such as where you want to get married and what size you need for your event. You should also consider how long it will take to set up and take down all of your decorations.

You can choose from a variety of vendors to help you in your planning process. A professional photographer will help you capture your memories in the most amazing way. Consider hiring an event manager to assist with things such as the timeline and budget, while others like wedding planners and decorators will help you with the venue selection, overall vendor list, flowers, and cake.

The weather is something that should be assessed throughout your planning process. If rain is expected, you will need to factor in the amount of time it will take to set up your tent, or the amount of time it will take for the tent to be taken down.

004 - fun cherry blossom wedding photos


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