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Fun and Different Fraser Valley Adventure Photography Session!

Picture of All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

Quality Photography Experience That Is Different.

Adventure Session

Well, it shouldn’t surprise anyone at this point that we love our adventure sessions! Photographing in areas that are not popular tourist destinations are our favourite places to be, and are visually some of the most interesting and beautiful areas in BC! It may be a bit of a trek in a vehicle, but the payoff is having photos unlike anyone else. 

Fraser Valley Photos

The snowcapped mountains, rainy weather, low lying clouds create a moodiness that only the pacific northwest has in the winter. It’s pretty spectacular. We went to some tunnels in Hope, but we didn’t go inside because the melting 5 foot icicles hanging from the ceiling of the tunnel were a death trap. However, they stood just outside of the tunnel, and then we walked around the area taking photos at an ice wall, where we lit it up with our flash and a coloured gel, then used the beautiful landscape with the snow-capped mountains. 

Winter Photo Shoot

The second location was a bit of a hike and adventure, as we navigated through paths with fallen trees and deep snow. We have photographed at this cool bridge before, but not with snow on it, and the weather always makes this area look different each time we go there. This couple was so much fun to work with, and we loved how they just constantly interacted together with piggyback rides, dancing, laughing, and sitting in the rain. It was such great energy, and we were so happy that they were up for this adventure.

We love adventure sessions and would love to go on more. If you are interested in an adventure session to go somewhere different and away from it all, contact us today! 


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