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Engagement pictures 2013 (part 1)

Picture of All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

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We have had an amazing year so far. Our May and June were some of the best months I've ever had. For a few weeks we were shooting almost every day (sometimes a few times a day) which was amazing to get into the creative groove of things and keep coming up with good engagement picture ideas. Living around Vancouver has a lot of perks as we managed to hit so many different types of spots all within home. We had Mountains, fields, abandoned warehouses, tree houses, abandoned shipyards, campfires, rain forests, movie theatres, city skylines,  just to name a few. I decided to bundle some of our favourite engagement photos that we have taken since spring into two blog posts.

engagement photo in mountainsimage projection on movie theatercloseup portrait sunengagement photo reflectionreflection of engagement photomovie theatre engagement photoengagement pictures p1 008engagement pictures p1 009indian engagement photonature engagement photoengagement pictures p1 013engagement pictures p1 014engagement pictures p1 016canada place engagement photoengagement pictures p1 018engagement pictures p1 020engagement portrait oceanengagement pictures p1 023engagement picture granville island engagement pictures p1 025engagement pictures p1 026rustic engagement portraitengagement pictures p1 029engagement pictures p1 030engagement pictures p1 032engagement pictures p1 033city couple portraitengagement pictures p1 036engagement pictures p1 038downtown vancouver engagement photoengagement pictures p1 040engagement pictures p1 041shipyard engagement photo

Keep posted for part 2 of our engagement pictures of 2013


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