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Engagement Photos at Whytecliff Park: Where Mountains, Forest, and Ocean Meet

All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

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Engagement Photos at Whytecliff Park:

Join us as we share the story of L+J’s engagement photo session at Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver. They wanted a place that mixed their love for mountains, peaceful forests, and the beautiful ocean. They trusted us at Pursell Photography to pick the perfect North Shore spot. Let’s dive into their day and show off the amazing 20×30 metal print they chose for their wall.

The Setting: Whytecliff Park

Whytecliff Park (1) is a gorgeous spot with amazing views. It has everything: tall mountains, green forests, and a big, blue ocean. It was the perfect place for L+J’s photos. As photographers, we were excited to see what we could capture in such a beautiful place.

Capturing the Fun: From Our Lens

We caught so many special moments of L+J. Pictures of them walking together, laughing, and just enjoying the park. In the woods, the light made everything look magical. And when we saw the mountains in the background, it was like nature was part of their love story.

Understanding L+J: What They Wanted

We always want to know what our clients like. L+J loved nature, so we made sure their photos showed that. The mountains, trees, and ocean weren’t just backgrounds; they meant something special to them, just like their relationship.

Their Favourite Photo: A Metal Print

The best part was turning one of their favourite photos into a big metal print. They chose a silhouette of them in the mountains because they wanted something that you could tell it was them, but looked like a piece of art and matched the aesthetic of what they wanted to show in their home. This type of print looks modern and makes the colours stand out. It’s also strong and lasts a lifetime, just like their memories from that day.

Let’s Tell Your Story

L+J’s photo session was a fun day filled with love and beautiful scenery. At Pursell Photography, we do more than just take pictures. We capture stories and special moments. Whether you like mountains, forests, or the ocean, we can make your photos special. Let us help tell your story.

Want to capture your own love story in photos? Get in touch with us at Pursell Photography. We’re excited to help make your photo session as unique as your love story.


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