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Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden and PARQ Hotel Vancouver Wedding

Picture of All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

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A Dreamy Fall Fusion: Chinese Garden Ceremony & Modern City Reception in Vancouver

Imagine getting married amidst the vibrant hues of a fall Chinese garden, followed by a chic reception overlooking the glittering Vancouver skyline. This dream became a reality for a charming couple who combined tradition and modernity to create a wedding as unique as their love story.

Venue Magic: From Tranquil Courtyard to Panoramic Views

Their wedding began at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, where nature showcased some amazing autumn colours. The ceremony took place in the unique courtyard at Dr Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Gardens, a secluded haven where vows were exchanged under the watchful gaze of ancient trees adorned in fiery reds and golden yellows. This unique setting offered a beautiful juxtaposition of timeless Chinese tradition and the vibrancy of the fall season.

For the reception, the scene shifted to the modern elegance of the ballroom at Parq JW Marriott Vancouver. Floor-to-ceiling windows transformed the space into a breathtaking stage, showcasing the amazing Vancouver cityscape as the backdrop for their celebration. The couple took advantage of this vantage point for stunning portraits, forever capturing the energy and romance of Vancouver at night.

Beyond the Venues: Blending Cultures and Personalities

This wedding reflected the couple’s blend of cultural heritage and personal style. Traditional Chinese elements, like the tea ceremony and red wedding attire, added a touch of elegance and symbolism. But their playful personalities shone through with a Pokemon theme at the ceremony with a scavenger hunt of pokemon cards throughout the venue, entertaining guests while family photos were taking place. Along with a pokemon themed reception along with games, injecting a dash of fun and whimsy into the celebration.

Capturing the Essence: Storytelling Through Candid Moments and Creative Portraits

As their photographer, we aimed to capture the essence of this unique celebration through a photojournalistic approach. Candid moments showcased the joy and emotions of the day, while creative portraits highlighted the couple’s love and connection against the stunning backdrops of both venues. We particularly loved playing with the garden’s lighting, illuminating specific buildings and working with the garden’s foliage to create a magical and intimate atmosphere.

More Than Just a Location: Why Choose Vancouver for Your Wedding?

This wedding exemplifies the magic of Vancouver as a wedding destination. From the serene beauty of Dr Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Gardens to the breathtaking downtown Vancouver cityscape, the city offers diverse and stunning locations to suit any style. Additionally, its urban convenience with hidden gems allows for creative exploration and personalized touches.

Whether you dream of a fairytale garden ceremony or a modern rooftop reception, Vancouver’s diverse locations and vibrant atmosphere can provide the perfect canvas for your unique love story. Contact us today to start planning your dream wedding in the Metro Vancouver area!


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