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All images by Pursell Photography. 

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I thought I would break up all the wedding posts with an engagement session. We are finally slowing down from the crazy wedding season, so keep checking the blog regularly because we will be updating it A LOT with new weddings and engagements! We often get to photograph and hang out with good looking couples that are really cool and you can instantly get along with. Karla and Rick are one of those couples. They live right downtown overlooking beautiful Sunset Beach and English Bay in Vancouver. They had a few places in mind to have their photos taken at, that were their popular hang out spots. We managed to catch an amazing sunset on Sunset Beach (name says it all) which, if you have never been to Vancouver, is downtown right beside False Creek. It's a great spot... you can often catch me there as well in the middle of summer going for a dip or hanging out on the beach after a long day. The sun went down FAST so we headed to the Stanley Park lighthouse for some wicked night shots with the Lion's Gate Bridge in the background. We finished up at the Vancouver Art Gallery, where a film crew JUST finished filming a movie, so we managed to sneak in there real quick for one of my favourite engagement photos of all time. No secret that I love shooting at night, as you can get really creative with the photos and lighting. It just sometimes makes it a bit more difficult to see through the camera in complete darkness. We are super excited to photograph Karla and Rick's wedding next year in Fort Langley! engagement panoramicdowntown vancouver engagement7downtown vancouver engagement6downtown vancouver engagement3downtown vancouver engagement8downtown vancouver engagement12


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