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Best Free Covered Photoshoot Locations in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

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All images by Pursell Photography. 

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There are so many free, covered photoshoot locations in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. From Vancouver to the Fraser Valley, there are so many beautiful covered spots that you can explore for your wedding or portrait photos. All you need to do is pick one location, or combine multiple locations into the perfect covered shoot.

Being wedding and portrait photographers in Vancouver for over a decade, we have explored almost every area of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Here’s a list of some of our favourite free, covered photoshoot locations in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

As with any photoshoot location, it is recommended to look into any permits that may be needed.

Coal Harbour Community Centre (downtown Vancouver)

This parking garage has an awesome garden in the middle of it filled with bamboo. There are also some cool cutouts on the wall, which provide a cool effect for photos. As photographers, we’re able to take advantage of this location since that allows us to take photos that use off-camera lighting with ease.

SFU (North Burnaby)

Simon Fraser University has a huge variety of covered photoshoot locations that would be worth checking out. SFU offers countless photo opportunities and is a top-choice location for photographing during rainy days. There are also many gardens, stairs and architectural elements that make it an ideal choice to shoot in the rain. Keep in mind this location is on the top of a mountain so it can get cold during the winter months. Check out a wedding we photographed at this covered photoshoot location.

Granville Island (Vancouver)

Under the Granville Bridge is Granville Island. This location offers lots of covered photoshoot spots under the bridge with lots of funky buildings and shops to have your wedding or portrait photos in front of. Granville Island official website.

Othello Tunnels – Currently Closed due to flooding (Hope)

This has to be one of the coolest photoshoot locations in the Lower Mainland. It is located out all the way in Hope but it is worth taking a drive out. Othello Tunnels have been carved out of the mountainside along a beautiful river. Stay covered and dry at this natural wonder. More photos from the Othello Tunnels.

Burrard Landing (Coal Harbour)

This location is where the Olympic torches were lit in 2010. There are many overhangs and areas that can be used as a covered location if it rains on your photoshoot.

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Pitt Lake (Pitt Meadows)

There is only a small area of this popular covered viewpoint that is covered from the rain, providing a stunning backdrop. There are mountains all around – making this location a top choice for outdoor photoshoot shoots!

New Westminster Quay (New West)

The upgraded park along the water at the New Westminster Quay offers some unique covered photoshoot locations if it is pouring rain. See an entire portrait photoshoot from this great covered location.

Historic Stewart Farm Barn (Surrey)

Located in Whiterock, BC the barn at Stewardson Farm is a beautiful free, covered barn photoshoot location. This spot must be booked in advance with a free permit.

Brockton Point Lighthouse (Stanley Park)

While there is only a very small covered area under the lighthouse, the Brockton Point Lighthouse offers a very unique covered photoshoot location. It is located right on the ocean with great views of the Northshore mountains (And sulphur plant haha!)

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UBC (Vancouver)

UBC has some of the most beautiful buildings in Vancouver and is great for wedding photos or portraits on a rainy day. It is also a lot less busy than downtown Vancouver, which means easier photo opportunities which makes it a great covered photoshoot location.

Use your hotel or wedding venue

Using the venues and hotels you have already purchased is a great rainy day option for your wedding or portrait photos. Hotels usually require permission whereas wedding venues are usually able to provide full access to the locations.

Bring an umbrella and embrace the weather for your photoshoot!

What do you get when you combine off-camera lighting with rainy weather? A beautiful, colourful, and fun atmosphere! Bring your umbrella to the shoot and embrace the weather when it’s raining. Rain photos are one of the coolest-looking photos you can get for your photoshoot! Check out the entire guide to rainy wedding days.

Choose a paid photoshoot location

While this blog post focuses on free photoshoot locations. There are many amazing paid photoshoot locations you can choose. We have created a full article based on venues we think make for some amazing photos. Check out the best indoor photoshoot locations.

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