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3 Church Wedding Venues Around Vancouver BC that are amazing for photos

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All images by Pursell Photography. 

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Gather your friends and family and get married in one of these beautiful Church Wedding Venues Around Vancouver, BC. These popular churches are located around Vancouver, BC and are surrounded by beautiful views and gardens. We have listed some of the best churches for wedding photos in British Columbia below.

St. George’s Greek Orthodox Cathedral (Vancouver)

This church wedding venue is one of the most beautiful in Vancouver. The architecture, mosaics & ceilings are truly magnificent. We’ve photographed some remarkable Greek Orthodox weddings at this beautiful church. See more photos from St George.


St. Andrews Wesley United Wedding (Vancouver)

St. Andrew’s-Wesley is an important Vancouver landmark and designated heritage site for its exquisite architecture and amazing cathedral-like setting. Opened in 1933, more than 75 years ago, it possesses a gothic style that stands out through 14th-century design.

This church is committed to celebrating the diversity found in the family of God and wants to be an inclusive space for everyone, regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. Their main themes are kindness, justice and peace.

The beautiful, intricate designs of the stained glass windows have been a favourite of ours for years. We love how the colours refract and change throughout the day depending on how the light shines through. The windows are perfect for capturing that perfect picture with your partner in front of them on your special day.

Check out more photos from this awesome church.

Holy Rosary Cathedral (Vancouver)

Holy Rosary Cathedral is a beautiful gothic cathedral in French style. It has been designated as a heritage site and is home to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver, and is definitely one of our favourite church wedding venues. See more from Holy Rosary.


Church weddings have many pros.

1. They are beautiful.

2. Church wedding venues are great for photos, decorating, and music.

3. They are usually less expensive than a hotel wedding.

4. They are good for both Catholic and Non-Catholic weddings.

5. They can be great for wedding photography.

6. There are plenty of seats for friends and family.

7. Weather is not a worry as your wedding is indoors.

8. Live music can be included in some churches.

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Weather is not a worry

If you are getting married in the winter, or even in the fall when the days are short and cold, these churches are your best bet. They are in a beautiful location, and you can enjoy the wedding even if it’s raining or snowing!

017 - canadian memorial church vancouver

Wedding photography in churches

If you are getting married in a church, you can include photos of the church prior to the wedding. This is a great way to include photos of the church, or perhaps include some photos of the church before it was built.

You can do your family photos after the wedding ceremony.

Some churches have a beautiful garden or other room where you can do your family photos. This is a great option, and you can include the church during your photos.

034 - double exposure church

Church wedding venue location

Many churches have a location that is beautiful and perfect for a wedding where they are close to many other wedding reception venues.  The ceremony and reception sometimes can be right next to each other. Just search “church wedding venues near me” and see what options are available.

002 - bridal room Canadian Memorial United Church

You’ll take part in the tradition.

From the time you were a child, you were taught that marriage should be celebrated in the church. Chances are, you attended your family’s wedding ceremony held in a church, and an in-church ceremony is a very common tradition.

St George’s church vancouver

The ceremony is more private.

The church is usually a private space, which means that your ceremony will be less crowded and more intimate than a wedding held in a public venue.

003 - vancouver church wedding

Book your wedding photography with us!

Hiring a professional wedding photographer is a great way to ensure that your memories are captured in the best possible quality. As you have an important life event coming up, it’s essential that you find the right person for the job. 

Get in touch to book your wedding photography.

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