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5 Ideas for a Festive and Fun Christmas Wedding in Vancouver, BC

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If you’re planning a Christmas wedding in the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC, you’re in for a treat. From stunning holiday light displays to cozy and festive venues, there are endless opportunities to make your wedding seasonally inspired and full of cheer. Here are a few ideas to help you plan a festive and fun Christmas wedding in Vancouver:

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Incorporate holiday lights into your decor:

One of the best things about getting married during the holiday season is the abundance of twinkling lights and decorations. Consider incorporating holiday lights into your wedding decor to add some sparkle and cheer to your big day. Get more wedding lighting ideas.

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Host your wedding at a festive venue:

From holiday-themed banquet halls to cozy inns and lodges, there are plenty of venues in Vancouver that offer a festive and warm setting for your wedding. Consider hosting your wedding at a venue that embraces the holiday spirit. Check out some of the best venues around Vancouver.

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Serve holiday-themed cocktails and snacks:

Add some seasonal flair to your wedding menu by serving holiday-themed cocktails and snacks. Consider offering hot cocoa or mulled wine as a warm and cozy drink option, and serve festive treats like gingerbread cookies or peppermint bark.

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Incorporate holiday traditions into your ceremony:

Add some personal touches to your wedding ceremony by incorporating holiday traditions that are meaningful to you and your partner. This could include lighting a unity candle, exchanging ornaments, or saying special vows.

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Embrace the winter weather:

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, embrace the winter weather and make it part of your celebration. Consider serving hot drinks and blankets to keep your guests warm, or provide cozy mitts or shawls as favours.

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In conclusion, there are endless opportunities to make your Christmas wedding in Vancouver, BC festive and fun. From incorporating holiday lights into your decor to embracing the winter weather, there are plenty of ways to add seasonal cheer to your big day. Get in touch for your wedding photography!

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