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Why You Should Check Your Venue and Photographer Availability Before Signing Contracts

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When planning a wedding, there are many important decisions that need to be made to have the wedding you want. As photographers, we think one of the most crucial is choosing the right venue and photographer to capture your special day. However, before signing contracts and putting down deposits, it is important to check the availability of both the venue and photographer. In this article, we will discuss the importance of checking availability and how it can save you from potential headaches and disappointment down the road.

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Avoiding Double Booking:

One of the biggest reasons to check availability before signing contracts is to avoid double booking. Venues and photographers can only book one event per day usually, so it’s essential to confirm that the date you have in mind is available before committing to it. If you put down a deposit or sign a contract without checking the availability of all your favourite vendors, you run the risk of being left without your dream venue or photographer on your special day.

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Finding the Right Fit:

Another reason to check availability before signing contracts is to ensure that you are booking a venue and photographer that are the right fit for you. Many venues and photographers have different styles and specialties, so it’s important to confirm that they are available on your wedding date, and that their style aligns with your vision for your wedding. By checking availability before committing, you’ll have the opportunity to explore different options and find the perfect fit for your special day.

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Save Time and Money:

Checking availability before signing contracts can also save you time and money in the long run. If the venue or photographer you want is not available on your wedding date, you’ll have to start your search all over again, which can be time-consuming and frustrating. Additionally, if you put down a deposit or sign a contract without checking availability, you could be out of luck if the venue or photographer becomes unavailable. By checking availability upfront, you can save yourself from having to spend additional time and money on last-minute arrangements.

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Coordinating with Other Vendors:

Finally, checking availability before signing contracts is important for coordinating with other vendors. Many vendors, such as florists and caterers, will need to know the date, time, and location of your wedding in order to plan their services. By checking the availability of your vendors, you’ll be able to provide them with the necessary information and ensure that everything runs smoothly on your special day.

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Can you soft hold a date?

While we are happy to coordinate with you on availability, we are unable to hold dates without a deposit and contract. This is because we often receive multiple inquiries for the same date, and in order to ensure that your date is reserved for you, we require a formal commitment in the form of a deposit and signed contract. This guarantees that your date is secured and that we can dedicate the necessary time and resources to providing you with the best possible photography experience on your wedding day.

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Choosing the right venue and photographer is crucial for capturing the memories of your special day. By checking availability before signing contracts and putting down deposits, you can avoid double booking, find the right fit, save time and money, and coordinate with other vendors. It’s important to take the time to research and confirm availability before making any commitments, to make sure your wedding day runs smoothly and is everything you’ve always dreamed of.

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