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Burnaby Mountain Wedding

Picture of All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

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First look At Home

S+C had all of their wedding events on Burnaby Mountain with the ceremony at Centennial Rose Garden and reception at SFU Diamond Alumni Centre. But first, the day started off with them getting ready in separate rooms in their new home in Burnaby, and had their first look in their living room. Not only did they take on planning a wedding, but they also purchased and did a full reno on their entire house all before the wedding day. It paid off big time though and hopefully after all of the wedding festivities were done, they were able to take a few days to fully relax in their new life together!

Burnaby Mountain Wedding

After the first look, we headed to Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area for some wedding photos of the couple and wedding party. They wanted to get the majority of it done before the ceremony so they could enjoy the rest of the day with their family and friends. Their wedding ceremony was at the Centennial Rose Garden in the same park. It was a beautiful, sunny day, the orchestra played music and the couple said their own personal vows. It was an overall beautiful outdoor ceremony. S+C both work for a weather network together, so you could just imagine how many jokes were going around about how they planned this wedding around the perfect weather, since rain was nowhere in sight that day!

SFU Diamond Alumni Wedding Reception

SFU Diamond Alumni Centre is a pretty rustic venue, with wood accents and a big panoramic window that overlooks trees and mountains. S+C filled their reception with good food, great speeches, fun games, and a choreographed swing dance as their first dance. The bride was so excited once that dance was done that afterwards she was screaming “It’s done, let’s party!”, and I don’t think she left that dance floor for the rest of the night! It was a great wedding, and these two were so much fun to work with! Thank you so much S+C for choosing us to be your wedding photographers, you two are absolutely awesome! *Click image to enlarge


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