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Brix Restaurant Wedding

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All images by Pursell Photography. 

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Nate and Dakota had an all-in-one Brix Restaurant wedding in downtown Vancouver. We started the day off in Opus Hotel getting photos of the couple getting ready in their seperate rooms. Dakota spent her morning with her parents, getting her hair, make-up and dress on. Meanwhile, Nate was already dressed and ready to go, so he spent the morning at the Opus Hotel restaurant with his sister and brother-in-law. The ceremony was held in the Brix restaurant courtyard and was beautifully decorated with a huge chandelier, vines, little lights, flowing white curtains and a harpest playing classical music. It set the mood for a fairy tale wedding. Dakota's one request was to have a picture of the first look. The light seemed to somehow fall just on Nate's face, highlighting him and casting the rest of the guests in shadows creating a scene for a really dramatic first look. We headed over to David Lam Park for some intimate portraits of the newlyweds, and then returned to Brix Restaurant for the reception. The reception had emotional speeches, beautiful dancing, awesome food in cute little packages and crazy dancing in the evening. We finished off the evening by sneaking Nate and Dakota out of their party to get some night photos in and around the Brix restaurant venue. Nate and Dakota, thank you for letting us be part of your beautiful wedding day.


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