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Best wedding photos of 2016

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All images by Pursell Photography. 

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Most successful year of business

I know we say this every year, but once again this is our busiest year of business. We have finally streamlined our work process where Lauren handles all the client care, album design and financials and I (Will) take care of all the editing and website. We were fortunate to be able to spread our weddings over every month of the year. Some of our “off season” months were the busiest. My guess is because we love shooting in low light, rain and snow, that our clients feel more at ease letting us handle their wedding photography.

Got engaged

I know, I know, I waited 13 years to propose to Lauren and I finally did it…During an epic day of skiing on top of Whistler. I will create another post with some photos about that. We almost never do personal posts, so I’m excited to put that together.

Lots of new venues

Even though we have photographed at well over 100+ venues, we still managed to go to a few new ones this year, that we had never explored before. We are excited that we have managed to do a good amount of Squamish and Whistler weddings this year. We also did an awesome destination wedding in Mexico for our first wedding of the year. That was an awesome start to 2016!

New branding

We are slowly going to be rolling out our new branding over the next few months. As you can see on our front page we have a new logo, bringing in some colours that fit our personality and overall feel to the brand. We hope you like it.

Networked with some cool wedding photographers and vendors

This was our year of making good friends with a few other photographers and other vendors. Not only is it super inspirational, it’s great to just hear all the different stories (good and bad) from other weddings. They also really like to drink beer :-)

Thanks to all our amazing clients

We are so appreciative that you trusted us with photographing your wedding. We captured some of our favourite photos in 2016, and without you we wouldn’t be able to brag about having such a great year! Thank you!


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