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Intimate BC Beach Elopement in the Mountains

Picture of All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

Quality Photography Experience That Is Different.

We are excited to share an amazing photoshoot of a couple who chose a quiet BC beach elopement in the mountains for their intimate celebration. Ahead of their Mexico wedding, they found their dream spot at a British Columbia Lake, combining the serene beauty of a beach surrounded by BC’s mountains.

Nature as A Backdrop: An Intimate Setting

A Pacific Northwest Gem

Their amazing BC beach elopement was set against the backdrop of a tranquil beach on Harrison Lake, embodying the essence of the Pacific Northwest which was the perfect contrast to their larger wedding. Joined by their children and best friends, the elopement ceremony unfolded under clear skies and light rays dancing through the mountains.

Challenges Transformed into Art

The Pursell Photography Edge

With the challenge of a windy and sunny day, our expertise in off-camera lighting came into play. We captured dynamic, vibrant images, using the wind to bring movement and life to each shot, perfectly balancing the sunlight against the stunning mountain scenery.

Client Experience: A Vision Realized

Tailored to Perfection

The couple was thrilled with their BC beach elopement in the mountains. Our location recommendation and personalized album design exceeded their expectations, capturing their vision with high-quality photos.

The Scenic Beauty of BC Beach Elopements

A Photographer’s Paradise

Key photography highlights of their BC beach elopement included the peaceful beach, the Lodge’s epic view of the lake, and reflective shots near the Airbnb. These elements, combined with the dramatic mountain-lake backdrop made for a perfect spot for their elopement.

Faq’s About BC Beach Elopements

How Do We Plan Our Elopement Photography With Pursell Photography?

Start by contacting us with your elopement ideas and date. We’ll discuss your vision, style, and preferences, and then tailor a photography plan that fits your needs perfectly.

Can You Help us with Location Suggestions for Our Elopement?

Absolutely! We have extensive experience with various stunning locations and can recommend the perfect spot that reflects your vision and style. You can also check out our article on the best Elopement Locations in the Lower Mainland.

How Can I Find A Private Elopement Location?

To find a private location for your elopement, consider the following tips:

  1. Weekdays: Plan your elopement on a weekday to avoid the crowds that typically gather at popular locations on weekends.
  2. Public Land: Ensure that the area you choose is on public land to have the freedom to elope without disturbance. Sites like BC Assessment can help identify private land. And Google Maps to find parks and locations.
  3. Destination Consideration: Determine how far you are willing to travel for your elopement. Destination weddings can offer unique and private locations.
  4. Personal Vision: Before choosing a location, envision your perfect day with your partner. Consider if you want an adventure elopement or a day full of outdoor activities.
  5. Reflect Your Relationship: Choose a location that truly represents you and your partner, either literally or symbolically. It should reflect your relationship and the memories you want to create.
  6. Permits and Booking: Many locations require permits for ceremonies and photography. Research and procure these in advance. Additionally, consider the availability of the location and how far in advance you need to book.
  7. Professional Help: Elopement photographers and wedding planners can assist in scouting locations, and navigating the logistics of planning an elopement in a private location.

By considering these tips, you can find the perfect private location for your elopement, ensuring a memorable and intimate experience.

How Can Pursell Photography Help With Elopement Planning

Pursell Photography specializes in creating stress-free and personalized photography experiences. Our goal is to reflect your unique style and personality in every photo.

  1. Custom Photography Plans: We’ll work with you to craft a photography plan that’s all about you – ensuring every photo tells your story.
  2. Elopement Photography Packages: Dreaming of an adventure elopement? We’ve got you covered with packages that capture the beauty of your special day. We’ll guide you in choosing the best locations for a truly unforgettable experience.

Expect a collection of stunning, high-quality photos that capture the essence of your elopement – every emotion, detail, and unforgettable moment.

What Happens If The Weather Is Bad On Our Elopement Day?

We’re skilled at working with various weather conditions to create beautiful photos. If the weather poses a significant issue, we’ll work with you to find an alternative solution. Check out why we love bad weather elopement photography.

What Is Included In Your Elopement Package?

Pursell Photography’s elopement photography packages include the following:

  • Photography Services: The package focuses on providing finished art that the couple can be proud to display in their home. It includes the hiring of the photography team for the photo shoot, with guidance on locations and ideas to create the dream elopement.
  • Product Credit: The package includes product credit to put towards custom albums, wall art, or digital photos a la carte.

Pursell Photography aims to provide a stress-free and personalized experience, tailoring the photography plan to the unique style and personality of the couple.

BC Beach Elopement in the Mountains: Your Story Awaits

Valued Memories with Pursell Photography

If you dream of a BC beach elopement in the mountains, where every moment is captured with artistic flair, Pursell Photography is your ideal photographer. Let us make your elopement not just an event, but a masterpiece of memories.

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