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Barn Engagement Photos near Vancouver

All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

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W+D wanted rustic barn engagement photos close to Vancouver, and we found one that worked out great!

Another rainy day in Vancouver

Yes, this winter has been especially bad for rain (good for skiers, bad for everyone else :-). So W+D decided to go through with the session rain or shine. I’m glad they did because we always love the soft light rainy days offer. There’s also our signature rain photo which is always an easy and impressive-looking photo.

Adventurous couple

We may have jumped a few fences to get into the location which is our top secret spot 🙂 Engagements are always a time to break the rules and just have fun. The barn was dark but we managed to get some of those awesome rustic engagement photos they were looking for! Cuddling up in the red blanket was a nice touch and complimented the scene really well.

Spectacular sunset

Rainy days usually reward us with an amazing sunset, and this day did not disappoint. We got a few photos at the end of the day on the beach with some great sunset colours.

We are super excited for your wedding in Stanley Park this summer!


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