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Barn Engagement Photos in Langley, BC

Picture of All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

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M+P had their spring engagement session at Campbell Valley Regional Park in Langley, BC.

Spring Engagement

The couple suggested this location to us because they have explored it and really liked the old school house and barn in this area and felt it really suited what they were looking for. We enjoyed this location because it was a new spot for us to photograph at, and we always enjoy a good barn engagement session.

Barn Photos

We get a lot of requests for barn venues, and even though there is not a lot of options in the Lower Mainland, a great option is to either go to a barn during your portrait session (if there is one nearby), or get an engagement session at a location with a barn. This location had a great look to it with a big, red barn and a slightly older barn behind it, so we used each building to get some nice, country style engagement photos.

Motorcycle Sunset Photo

They both ride motorcycles and really wanted to incorporate it and have a cool photo with the both of them on his bike. We set up two lights with one having a red gel on it, to get a really cool photo right at sunset. It was a great ender to a great engagement session!


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