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Adventure Elopement Packages 2022

All images by Pursell Photography. 
All images by Pursell Photography. 

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It’s not a surprise that couples are looking for more unique ways to tie the knot. Not only is an elopement more intimate, but it’s also an experience that you will remember for years to come. Booking us to photograph your adventure elopement will turn your wedding into a once-in-a-lifetime experience with some of the most gorgeous locations in the world. We photograph around Vancouver, The Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley and Sea to Sky. We are also available for destination elopements! 

What is an Adventure Elopement Photography Package?

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Elopements are becoming more and more popular. And with the rise of adventure elopements, it is not hard to see why. With an adventure elopement, you can have your wedding wherever you want – on a mountain top, in a forest, at the beach. You can dress up or dress down. You can have a few family members, a close friend or just the two of you.

Adventure elopements are more flexible because there is much less traditional events involved. You can rent things like helicopters, boats, and off-road vehicles to get to locations you’ve only dreamed of.

An adventure elopement photography package is the perfect way to make your elopement dreams come true!

How do the adventure elopement packages work with Pursell Photography?

Adventure Elopement Packages

You hire us for the photo shoot (currently $800 between West Vancouver to Hope). Our packages focus on finished art that you are proud to display in your home, and include product credit to put towards custom albums, wall-art or digital photos a-la-carte. 

We can guide you on the best vendors and tour packages to book to create your dream elopement.

Adventure elopement package ideas

You can do anything for your romantic escape! Here are some of our favourite adventure elopement ideas. Feel free to bring your own ideas and locations for your perfect wedding.

Helicopter elopement to the top of a mountain

There is no easier way to get to an amazing viewpoint for your adventure elopement package. Helicopters are easy, fun, quick and provide a great experience! Experience some of the world’s best scenery by helicopter in British Columbia. The area’s impressive natural landforms, towering peaks and pristine lakes can be seen up close by helicopter. Check out the full guide to helicopter elopements in BC.

Renting a helicopter can start at $1000 and go up to $3500+ depending on your pickup location, amount of guests, and the locations you plan to visit. We have compiled a complete list of helicopter adventure elopement packages in British Columbia.

Popular places to fly out of are Sky Helicopters near Vancouver, Valley Helicopters in Hope, BC, and Backcomb helicopters in Whistler.

Boat elopement to a secret waterfall or island

Living in British Columbia we are surrounded by amazing natural beauty. A boat elopement will allow you to explore islands, waterfalls and viewpoints that would be perfect for your intimate adventure elopement package.

A very popular boat elopement package is to take a beautiful cruise on Harrison Lake to an amazing boat access only waterfall that is perfect for your private wedding ceremony. We can stop at some amazing unique locations along the way. You can read more about boat adventure elopement packages.

Check out some full photoshoots – A smokey day boat elopement and the lush summer waterfall elopement.

Use an off-road vehicle for your elopement to explore the backcountry

Explore off-road locations with a jeep, side by side or ATV to find some unforgettable scenery. Exploring British Columbia’s forest service roads offers endless free elopement locations. Check out an example off-road photoshoot to an amazing viewpoint. Also, see an adventure where we explored some logging roads in BC.

Renting a few ATV’s is usually in the $500 range. We have a 7 seater off-road capable SUV. You can rent an off-road capable SUV for a few hundred a day. 

Take a seaplane for an intimate ceremony on the Gulf Islands

Planning an elopement on some really remote and beautiful islands? Hop on a seaplane and enjoy the scenic, relaxing flight. You’ll land in some seriously remote, secluded locations where you can have your perfect elopement. Check out this epic seaplane elopement.

In the past we have flown from near Vancouver international airport. 

Prices vary based on location. 

Hike to an epic viewpoint

British Columbia has hundreds of world-class hikes to explore. Why not have a hiking elopement to make your day unforgettable?

Vancouver’s North Shore mountains offer beautiful hiking elopement locations. Mount Cheam in the Fraser Valley is an absolutely amazing hike. Squamish and Whistler offer endless popular hikes.  

Free unless you choose somewhere that requires a paid permit! 

Mountain bike to have your elopement in lush rainforests

Love mountain biking? Why not incorporate it into your adventure elopement package! Both Lauren and I are avid mountain bikers so we are happy to explore British Columbia’s amazing trails.

Popular trail networks are Vancouver’s North Shore, Vedder Mountain, Bear Mountain and Squamish.

Free unless you are in a bike park like Whistler, Revelstoke or Sunpeaks.

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ski wedding photos

Explore the ski hill for your adventure elopement

Skiing is a quick, easy and entertaining way to explore a lot of viewpoints for your adventure elopement. You can go quickly and the chairlift takes you back up to the top!

We always take the opportunity to travel during the off-season and explore all the mountains around British Columbia.

Ski resorts with great views are Whistler and Vancouver’s Cypress mountain. You can rent also a cute cabin right on the mountain at the less busy Sasquatch or Manning Park.

Lift tickets vary between $80- $200 per person. 

Check out our amazing Wedding albums for your elopement!

Hire us to photograph your adventure elopement package.

We are a team of adventure-loving photographers that specialize in British Columbia adventure elopement packages around Vancouver, Fraser Valley, the Lower Mainland, and Sea to Sky. If you have a cool elopement destination we are more than happy to photograph it. We want to help you capture the beauty of your wedding day, whether it’s a mountain top, beach or forest. Get in touch for a free consultation.

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