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Adventure elopement at boat access-only waterfall

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All images by Pursell Photography. 

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Adventures on a boat

Imagine taking a boat to an EPIC waterfall few people have access to, for your intimate adventure elopement! That’s exactly what A+J did when they hired us for their wedding!

Lose the pressure of the big wedding

Adventure elopements are amazing because you focus on just the two of you. This allows you to do things you would never be able to do during a big wedding, like crossing a river to be able to make it to an epic waterfall, or climb to an outstanding viewpoint to say your vows.   

Your adventure elopement guides

These two chose from one of our curated adventure packages. We have a few pre-designed packages we think are unique. We organized with Young Hip and Married to officiate their day make their wedding something truly memorable.

Book your photos!

Full events are not happening for the foreseeable future during the pandemic. That doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing wedding that might be better than a big one! We can jump on the boat, take an off road vehicle to an awesome viewpoint, or take a helicopter to the top of a mountain.

Get in touch to start planning your adventure elopement!

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